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Find Out 8 Amazing Ways to Improve Intelligence Levels in Children

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Improve Intelligence Levels in Children
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Like every other concerned parent, are you looking out for ways that will possibly improve the IQ of your child? Or do you think that IQ is something innate and God Given and cant be improved with the passage of time.

Well to your surprise it is a fact that a person can improve the intelligence levels through different mechanisms during the course of life.

However, it is necessary to know a bit about IQ and later in this blog we will be suggesting some awesome ways that can help to improve the IQ level of your child. 


IQ, which is the abbreviation for intelligence quotient, is a person’s ability to think more rationally and arrive at a suitable conclusion after solving a problem. In other words it can be defined as a person’s intellectual intelligence and the vivid response to the circumstances happening in the immediate vicinity.

And now when we are aware of the basic definition of intelligence quotient let us jump towards the major types of it. There are 2 major types of human intelligence :

  • Fluid intelligence
  • Crystallized intelligence

Both of them are different as the fluid intelligence is acquired with the symbolic and tentative ideas.

Crystallized intelligence on the other hand is the one that is developed by the past experiences and is more often associated with intellectual skill development.

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8 Ways to make Your Child Smarter:

Now that we know about the major types of intelligence, let us move on to the main concern: how can we increase the intelligence levels of children? And how can we make them smarter?

1- Read out Loud

There are studies that have shown that reading out loud to your children may help in developing the intelligence which is necessary for the rest of their lives.

Parents often think that the intelligence of their children can only be increased if they engage them in tricky brain teasers and brain questions. But in fact the reality is far more different. Reading out loud when your child is just growing and learning new words will help to increase their intellect. 

This will help them in a way that they would have a stronger grip on the language and they would feel more comfortable in expressing their ideas. 

This will also help them to learn more abstract concepts which will help them in later part of their lives.

The recent studies have shown that If you can sit with your child and can read along with them then this will be more beneficial as it will develop the brain to think more critically and will also help in developing the power of imagination.

2- Give them Encouragement

Your child needs that affirmation that they are important and are special. This will help to keep their brain function normally and the brain will produce hormones that will help the child in understanding new concepts and principles. This will therefore help in increasing the intelligence quotient.

It is your words that will make a lifelong impact on their lives. If they do something great or extraordinary in any field of life  just praise them and express it through your words.

3- Physical Activities

Engaging in physical activities will also help to develop the fluid and crystallized intelligence both.

The physical activities will help to develop a sense of being able to do things on their own in children.

This will also give them a chance to interact with their surroundings and will also help to understand the plethora of emotions, opinions and ideas. 

The physical activities may include the following:

  • Swimming
  • Running 
  • Any other outdoor sport of personal likings

These will help in maintaining the adequate blood flow to the brain and overall body parts.

4- Musical Instruments

It is not necessary for you to be a musical connoisseur yourself. Playing with a musical instrument may help your child in developing the memory and will also help in increasing the intelligence level. 

Music is an art and just like any other form of art it keeps you entertained and sparks creativity in you. This creativity is actually the thing that helps to improve the intelligence level of a child.

5- Simple Maths Exercises

These maths exercises can help in creating fluid intelligence.

This is the type of intelligence which is used whenever we encounter new things.

Thus giving your child maths exercises that are new will help to build a stronger intelligence.

Also the other thing that should be done in this regard is that there should be proper communication with your child if they need any help. Help them in learning new shapes and formulas.

Try to develop relational skills as well. For instance if you are giving your child a problem involving squares and rectangles. Give them real life things that can help them to distinguish between the shapes.

In research studies, memory games are also linked with the increased effect on intelligence levels.

6- Supply Them the Good Food

“A healthy mind is in a healthy body” 

We might have heard of this phrase at any point in our lives. It is, therefore, necessary to provide your child with the best foods available that can increase their intelligence levels.

The foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids have shown to develop the brain quite efficiently and are also linked with increased memory levels. Omega 3 fatty acids will improve the blood flow to the brain.

Foods that are rich in omega 3 may include the following:

  • Fish and other seafood
  • Nut 
  • Seeds
  • Plant oils

7- Converse With Them

A child in the growing phase has no other ways to capture the information other than the parents.

Therefore it is noteworthy to mention that proper communication should be maintained with your children.

And this doesn’t mean that you have to take the time out for them specifically. No, it is a simple task that you can perform in between everyday rituals. Whether you are playing with your child or you are out on a walk or on the way to the nearby grocery store, it is essential to converse with them. Make them observant of everything by asking appropriate questions. This will help in improving their intelligence levels

8- Entail the Necessary Confidence

Confidence is the key to success in life. If your child is not having enough confidence to converse with other people and is shy, this will create tons of problems for the child. The child will hesitate in asking questions and will impede the way of developing intelligence by the barriers that are made in the boundaries of the brain of your child.

Here are 10 important things that you need to know so that your children can grow healthy and have a happy life.

The final takeaway, 

It is essential to note that intelligence levels can be increased by the ways that are mentioned above. But don’t overburden your child. Higher iq shouldn’t be linked with success in life.

Also giving multivitamins, making your children listen to fast music, and finding yourself in a pursuit to give tough brain questions to your children will not improve their intelligence levels.

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