Ceruloplasmin Blood Test

What is a Ceruloplasmin Blood Test?

A blood ceruloplasmin blood test, also known as blood CP test or serum ceruloplasmin test is a blood test that helps to detect the level of ceruloplasmin in blood. Ceruloplasmin is a protein synthesized by life and is a serum ferroxidase.

This protein is responsible for the transport of copper through our body. Ceruloplasmin is responsible for approximately 90% copper transport of copper across our body. The level of ceruloplasmin in your blood tells about the efficient copper transport in the body.

Changes in ceruloplasmin level can indicate copper deficiency, Wilson disease or any other underlying medical condition.

What is the Blood CP Test Price in Pakistan?

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Why is Blood CP Test Conducted?

A blood CP test is recommended in following cases:

  • If your physician suspect that you are suffering from a metabolic disease
  • To rule out the possibility of Wilson disease
  • If you exhibit the signs of copper deficiency.

How is a Blood CP Test Performed?

The blood CP test is also known as serum ceruloplasmin test and requires a blood sample. For a blood CP test, a physician may require a blood sample. This blood sample is drawn from a vein in your hand or arm using a needle.

How is a Blood CP Test Result Interpreted?

Normal value of ceruloplasmin protein in adults is 14 to 40 mg/dL (0.93 to 2.65 µmol/L). Any value above or below the normal is considered abnormal.

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