DNA Test

What is a DNA Test?

A DNA Test, also known as genetic testing is a  medical test that helps to visualize changes in DNA. This test helps with the identification of changes in DNA sequence or structure.

A DNA test helps to identify the probability of genetic diseases in individuals. This assessment is also possible via DNA  testing done in pregnancy.

Further, DNA test is used for paternity testing and to determine the biological parents. A physician may also recommend a DNA test to gather information about a person’s genetic material for a customized treatment plan.

Based on the targeted genes, there are different types of genetic tests including:

  • Single Gene Testing - This test looks for the changes in single change
  • Panel Testing - A panel test analyzes changes in multiple genes
  • Large Scale Genetic Testing - Exome sequencing (analyzed all genes in DNA) or whole genome sequencing (complete DNA profile of an individual) fall under this category.

What is the DNA Test Price in Pakistan?

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Why is DNA Conducted?

A DNA test is recommended in following cases:

  • To determine your chances of suffering from a particular genetic condition
  • Pre-pregnancy or during pregnancy DNA test determines the fetus probability of getting affected by a certain medical condition
  • A DNA test is a paternity test that helps to identify biological parent of an individual
  • In case of cancer therapies, DNA testing helps to make a customized treatment plan for patients.

How is a DNA Test Performed?

For DNA tests, a physician may require a sample of skin, hair, blood, and other body tissues. A fetal genetic testing requires an amniotic fluid sample which is obtained after inserting a needle into the mother's cavity.

How is a DNA Test Result Interpreted? 


The DNA test results are interpreted by your physician. A paternity DNA test has a paternity index value. A paternity index zero means DNA mismatch. Other than this, genetic mapping images are analyzed to find any abnormalities in DNA structure.

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