Pregnancy Test (Urine)

What is Pregnancy Test (Urine)?

Pregnancy test is a urine test conducted by the healthcare laboratries to that confirms if a woman is pregnant or not. A pregnant woman's urine has HCG proteins, which is why you may see a pregnancy urine test to be refereed as Beta-HCG Urine Test, by many labs.   

When to use a Urine Pregnancy Test?

In case, you have missed your period for a week, you must locate your nearest clinic and perform a urine test. The urine pregnancy test is able to locate the presence of HCG inside your body, immediately.The symptoms of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. Missing out on periods is one of the most common signs of being pregnant.

Pregnancy Tests Price in Pakistan

The pregnancy test price varies depending upon the lab and city you are choosing to get your test. 

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When Will I get the Results of the Pregnancy Test?

It usually takes up to 1 day for a pregnancy urine test to confirm results. In case the pregnancy test shows that you are not pregnant but you are still showing the above-mentioned symptoms, try again in a day or two. The levels of HCG increase during the time period of pregnancy.

You can also get tested for a blood pregnancy test. In this particular pregnancy test, you get tested through your blood. 

If the results of the pregnancy test are positive, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. They will instruct you properly.

Preparation of Pregnancy Tests

There are no special instructions or preparation for the pregnancy urine test. You simply visit the nearest clinic, pee in a urine cup, and submit your sample for pregnancy testing. 

What to do if the results are positive?

If the results of these pregnancy tests are positive, Congratulations! your next visit should be to your primary gynecologist and obstetrician. They’ll guide you further regarding your nutrition and prenatal care for a healthy pregnancy. OB/GYNs are specialized doctors in women’s health and the female reproductive system.

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