TVS (Transvaginal) Ultra Sound Test

What is TVS (Transvaginal) Ultrasound?

TVS (Transvaginal) Ultrasound test is performed to see the female reproductive system. To have a better idea of the pelvic region. The organs test includes the uterus, ovaries, ovary tube, cervix, and vaginal cavity.

It is also known as a transvaginal test which simply means to look across and through the vaginal region. A small probe is used to see through the vaginal region to observe and study the pelvic structure.

You may be able to recognize this test in Pakistan with the names of Endovaginal ultrasound; Ultrasound - transvaginal; Fibroids - transvaginal ultrasound; Vaginal bleeding - transvaginal ultrasound; Uterine bleeding - transvaginal ultrasound; Menstrual bleeding - transvaginal ultrasound; Infertility - transvaginal ultrasound; Ovarian - transvaginal ultrasound; Abscess - transvaginal ultrasound.

Why the TVS Transvaginal Test is Performed

Transvaginal ultrasound is done because of one of the following reasons:

  • Unexplainable pain, discomfort, bleeding, or swelling of the vaginal area
  • Tumour development such as the likes of cysts, fibroids, or other growth factors
  • Infertility problems
  • Menstrual problems
  • Complex pregnancies
  • Unexplainable pelvic pain
  • Generally used for pregnancy as well

TVS Ultrasound Price in Pakistan

TVS Ultrasound price in Pakistan ranges from (3000-3500) Rupees. The TVS Ultrasound cost in Pakistan varies depending upon the lab and city you are choosing to get your test. However, to get a discount on TVS Ultrasound prices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, and other major cities, you can book your test from

How Can I Book TVS Ultrasound Test Near Me?

You can easily book a TVS Ultrasound test online. For efficient service and affordable TVS Ultrasound test prices in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and other major cities, you can rely on Healthwire. You can call us at 042352500989/02137130261 or click on the test for instant booking of the TVS Ultrasound test.

To book your TVS (Transvaginal) test:

  • You can simply click on the lab test online via our web or Healthhwire app
  • Select TVS (Transvaginal) Test or upload prescription
  • Pay in cash or online (debit/credit card, JazzCash)
  • Our representative will call you for confirmation.

You can also call us at 042352500989 or click on the test for instant booking. You can also avail discount on the TVS Ultrasound Test rate if you book your test via

What Can Be Seen in TVS Ultrasound Test?

Normal Results

In the normal result, the pelvic structure of the fetus is normal.

Abnormal Results

The abnormal result will be interpreted by the doctor after looking at your test results. An abnormal result may be due to many conditions.

  • Defects in birth
  • Cancer development in any part of the uterus
  • Infection and inflammation in the pelvic region
  • Complex Pregnancies such as twin pregnancy
  • Any complication in the ovaries (ectopic pregnancy)

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TVS (Transvaginal) Ultra Sound Test

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