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How to Consult Online?

Ask a doctor online in just 3 simple steps!
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    Search a Doctor

    Firstly, search for the doctor as per your medical health issues from our listed specialities.

  • Slot booking

    Book a Slot

    Book from the available slots, to connect with the doctor online, from your smart devices.

  • Get video link

    Get the Video Link in SMS

    Pay and get the video link via SMS. Click on the link and you are all set to get started with online consultation.

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Save Your Time and Consult Online

Patients can easily “Ask a Doctor Online” for secure and private “Online medical Consultation” with 24/7 Online Consultation services. Our user-friendly feature allows users to “Book an appointment” with the specialist of their choice.

Our key features for Online Consultation include

  • 24/7 Online Video Consultation
  • Booking through Call and Online
  • Video, Audio and Chat Support option for online consultation
  • Bookings beforehand

You can SAVE YOUR TIME and Easily Request “online medical consultation” at the privacy and comfort of your home.

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