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The only thing I care about now is my work, everything else is managed by Healthwire.

Dr. Zuhaib Farooq, Surgident, Lahore
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With a few clicks I am able to not only appoint but also prescribe and manage my patients in a trouble free paperless way.

Dr. Imran Sanaullah, The Dentist, Lahore
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Eye-catching interface, easy appointment management and no headaches. Administration simplified. What more can we ask for?

Dr. Mohammad Usman Farooqui, Care N Cure Dental & Medical Center, Islamabad
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Healthwire System is a start of our digital era in Health Sector. It is helpful to manage record digital with details reporting of all departments which are easy to access at any time. It is highly recommended for all health setups.

Prof. Dr. Shah Faisal, Head of Dept. Orthodontics & Incharge Clinical Affairs, Karachi Medical and Dental College
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Maintaining patient records has become much simpler and patient feel comfortable about appointments and time table.

Dr. Sufyan Mursleen, Mursleen Dental Clinic, Gujranwala
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This top-notch clinical data maintaining system has become an integral part of our clinical dental practice.

Dr.Sadaf Hayat, Sialkot Dental Professionals, Sialkot
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Healthwire has been a great help in streamlining our dental practice. Managing appointments and maintaining patient records has become much simpler.

Dr. Muhammad Waseem Ullah Khan, Specialist Dental Practice, Lahore
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Healthwire has developed a good understanding of our vision and work flows and found a way to successfully complement our needs without causing any discontinuities or issues.

Dr. Muhammad Arif, Oro-Dental Surgery, Sialkot
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I have recently started Healthwire which is very useful and made my life easy. I am very organized with my patient’s Treatments, Prescription, appointments and record keeping now. I am carefully recommending this software for all doctors.

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Abbasi, Dr. Zubair & Associates, Karachi
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Alot of my work is reduced and my clinic is now paperless. Its amazing to be a part of healthwire. Highly recommended.

Dr. Muhammad Qasim, Perfect Smile, Islamabad
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With healthwire software i can easily add and check appointments from home and my office is paperless because of this great software.

Dr. Waleed Zaman, DentiFix, Islamabad
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Healthwire has helped me a lot in organizing & improving my practice in a better way. Healthwire helps me in scheduling appointments and maintaining medical records. I will recommend other medical professionals also to use Healthwire for better services.

Dr. M. Khawar Nazir, Boston Aesthetics, Lahore
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We had been looking for such kind of technology to empower patients and make our practice more efficient. It has been a great experience working with Healthwire.

Dr. Muhammad Taimour Iqbal, Javed Medical & Dental Clinic, Muzzafargarh
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With Healthwire we have transformed our booking system and increased patient attendance rates. With the back end support of a highly professional team our Patient Case Management System has been digitized.

Dr. Tauqir Ahmad, Signature Skin Care, Lahore
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Healthwire is a wonderful system for clinic management. It has moved us away from paperwork and has digitized our practice. Messaging service to patients has helped in growing our practice in many new ways. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Omer Sheikh, Dentist & Dentist, Lahore
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Healthwire has solved all of my problems by providing digital solutions for prescription, invoicing, appointment management and ginancial & statistical reporting on just a click of the mouse.

Dr. Faheem Shaikh, London Medical & Dental Clinic, Karachi
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Healthwire has made my practice efficient by organizing patient health information. Digitization of Appointments has strengthened communication with patients helping me a lot in managing my practice.

Dr. Zubair Hussain Awaisi, Teeth & Braces, Multan
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Workflow automation and practice management has never been easier. PRAXIS does it all.

Dr. Zubair Ahmad, Dental Expressions, Multan
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Healthwire Transformed our practice from paper work to paperless practice with Medical Record Keeping and detail reporting which are easy to access from anywhere and anytime. It helped to increase our patient flow with appointment SMS, reminder and follow ups.

Prof. Dr. Aqeel Ahmad Shaikh, Principal Karachi Medical and Dental College
Dr. sajjad 10f00624916d45fb9349779bc13dc7cf124087671d1df0ea429826325ad7a4b1

Healthwire has made my life easy in and outside the clinic. Electronic appointment scheduling and the detailed reporting feature have helped me improve my practice in a better way.

Dr. Sajjad Ahmed, Dentist, Peshawar
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"A very friendly and easy to use software that has helped me tremendously in automating patient appointments as well as financial management of the clinic."