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Also known as Dental Surgeon, Teeth Doctor, Dandan-saaz, دندان ساز and دانتوں کا ڈاکٹر



Dentistry, oral medicine or dental medicine is the field of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and disorders of the oral cavity and teeth issues. 

Who is a Dentist?

A dentist is a specialized medical health practitioner in the field of dentistry. The dentists can assess, diagnose, treat and prevent various diseases plus disorders of all kinds of teeth and oral health issues.

Types of Dentists

Dentists can simply practice general dentistry or can further opt for specializations in various areas of dentistry. There are seven major types of subspecialties in the field of dentistry. 

Depending on the various dental services, generally, there are seven different types of specialist dentists:

  • Oral Medicine or General Dentistry- In this, the dentists provide general oral care without any surgical treatment. Regular dental checkups, teeth cleaning and toothache issues are treated by a general dentist. It is one of the most common types of dentistry.
  • Endodontist (Tooth Root Dentist)- These are specialist dentists of the root canals. The dentist in this field particularly caters to tooth nerve health issues. When the tooth is decaying, these dentists perform root canals. 
  • Orthodontist (Alignment Dentist)- These specialized dentists deal in treating teeth and jaw illnesses. They use retainers, braces, wires and other devices to treat teeth and jaw illness. 
  • Periodontist (Gum Specialist)- All the gums related diseases and disorders are treated by periodontists. These dentists provide a more specialized gums issues treatment in case of tissue damage due to extreme gum ailments. 
  • Prosthodontist (Restoration Dentist)- They provide the services of cosmetic dentistry, repair teeth, jawbones and in particular improve the teeth appearance by veneers, teeth whitening. They also use bridges, crowns and dentures for teeth and jaw.
  • Pedodontist (Pediatric Dentist)- Just as the name indicates, these dentists are specialized in treating dental health issues of children.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons- These are the oral surgeons who provide specialized treatment for teeth and jaw issues. Also known as oral pathologists, these dental surgeons are experts in performing surgical treatments for oral illnesses and disorders. These dentists due to their expertise, work together with the ENT specialists.

Apart from the aforementioned sub-specialities of dentistry, the following are the various other specialized areas of dentistry:

  • Public health dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Oral and maxillofacial radiology 
  • Oral and maxillofacial pathology
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Oral microbiology
  • Geriatric dentistry
  • Forensic dentistry

Common Names of Dentists

Dentists in Multan are also known as

  • Dental Surgeons
  • Teeth Doctors
  • Doctors of Dentistry
  • Oral Health Doctors
  • Oral Health Specialists
  • Oral Health Consultants
  • Dandan-saaz
  •  دندان ساز 
  • دانتوں کا ڈاکٹر

Dentists in Multan

Multan- the capital and city of Multan division. It is a major economic and cultural centre of southern Punjab. It is the 7th largest city of Pakistan and hence is the hub of advanced medical healthcare facilities of Southern Punjab. People from all over the country, especially Southern Punjab, visit Multan to benefit from the advanced medical healthcare facilities.

From consultants to specialists, you can easily find the best doctors as per your need. Consultation with the experienced and certified dentists in Multan is now just a click away via Healthwire.pk. 

Diseases and Disorders Treated by Dentists

Common teeth disease and disorders treated by a dentist in Multan are:

  • Toothaches
  • Stained teeth
  • Cavities
  • Chipped teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Sensitivity of teeth
  • Hyperdontia (Too many teeth)
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gap between teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen gums
  • Clenching or grinding teeth
  • Wisdom teeth problems
  • Plaque
  • Tarter
  • Jaw joint problem
  • TMJ disorders
  • Canine teeth issue
  • Orofacial pain
  • Gingivitis
  • Dental caries
  • Tooth decay
  • Oral cancer

Services and Treatments by Dentists in Multan

Some of the common dental services and treatments offered by the top dentists in Multan are:

  • Bonding- Teeth that are chipped, discoloured, fractured or decayed are repaired by this treatment. Dentists use resin mixed in a paste and tints to whiten your teeth. On each tooth, various layers of resin are applied to match the colour of teeth. After this, they use laser or ultraviolet light to harden each layer. In the final step, teeth are polished to give a proper shape and natural look to the teeth. This procedure is also used to improve the look of older teeth. It is a good option for people of all ages as resin can be easily replaced as the teeth grow.
  • Braces- In order to align or correct the teeth and solve bite-related problems, braces are used by dentists. Braces are also used to straighten the teeth.
  • Bridges and Implants- In order to replace the missing tooth or teeth bridges and implants are used. False teeth are actually bridges that are used to bind with the neighbouring teeth. In bridges, on the anchoring teeth, two crowns are used and the false tooth lies in the centre. While dental implants on the other are simply artificial roots that are used to support the teeth and to replace the missing teeth.
  • Crowns and Caps- A cap or crown is a cover that is used to repair misshaped, broken, decayed or badly stained teeth. It requires multiple visits to the dentist. The crowns on the other hand are made up of porcelain, metal, acrylic or the porcelain-metal mixture. In the case of the front, mostly porcelain crowns are used as they look more natural. In the case of the back teeth, metal crowns are used because of their strength.
  • Tooth Extractions- A tooth that is damaged beyond repair is extracted. Even the permanent tooth can be extracted if needed.
  • Fillings and Repairs- These procedures are used for restorative purposes. Teeth that are damaged due to the trauma or cavities are repaired in this procedure.
  • Gum Surgery- If the oral infection affects the gums or jaw bone severely that a person may suffer from teeth or gum loss, this surgery is done. This surgery is done in case of gingivitis and periodontitis when the disease becomes quite severe.
  • Sealants- This procedure is normally done on the molar and premolars as a barrier to protect the teeth from pathogenic bacteria that can decay teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening- With age, our teeth are bound to lose their shine due to our eating habits. Carbonated drinks, coffee, smoking, some drugs or any dental trauma can stain our teeth. Therefore, teeth whitening is opted to improve the teeth colour and remove the plaque or tartar build-up as well.
  • Root Canals- Abscessed or diseased teeth are treated by root canals. If a tooth is decayed, cracked or injured then it becomes extremely important to deeply clean the infected tissue in the centre. Once cleaned, space is filled and sealed properly. This procedure saves your original tooth instead of being replaced by an artificial tooth. 
  • Veneers- This procedure can be used as an alternative instead of the crowns. Veneers are basically thin strong pieces of porcelain that are bound with the teeth. They can also help in closing the gap between the teeth. In order to repair the stained, decayed and chipped teeth, veneers are opted. To properly accommodate the veneer, tooth enamel has to be grounded a bit. Veneers can also improve the appearance of the teeth that have discoloured with the age. 
  • Oral Cancer Examination- In this procedure the dentist does a complete oral examination to check if there is any tissue irregularity, sores or tissue discolouration as a potential sign and symptom of oral cancer.

Our best dental surgeons in Multan will carefully examine the condition of your dental health issue and will draft a customized treatment plan accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does a dentist do?

Dentists are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease and disorder of the teeth and oral cavity. Dentists also specialize further in the field of dentistry for specified dental treatment.

What does a dentist do on the first visit?

The first visits are usually simple, as the dentists take their time in observing the condition of your teeth or gums. If there is any dental concern that needs urgent treatment your dentist would start the procedure. This includes scaling of teeth, teeth polishing, removing tartar or stains from the teeth.

What are some common oral or dental care tips advised by a dentist?

Depending upon your dental condition, your dentist would recommend oral care tips. However, the general tips that your dentist would advise you are to brush regularly at least twice a day, use fluoride toothpaste, floss once a day, avoid smoking, use mouthwash, avoid sugary foods and drinks and last but not the least, visit your dentist for a regular checkup.

When should you visit a dentist?

If you are suffering from any dental issue such as toothache, bleeding gums, bad breath etc you need to visit the dentist without any delay. The reason being that the dental issue needs to be addressed urgently or it can be extremely painful. From consultation to treatment, your dentist will help you in drafting the customized treatment plan as per your condition.

What are the various kinds of dentists?

Based on the services and dental treatment, the dentists are divided into 7 types, which are General dentists, Endodontists (Tooth Root doctors), Orthodontists (Alignment dentists), Periodontics (Pediatric dentists), Periodontists (Gum specialists) and Prosthodontists (Restoration dentists).

How to find the best dentist in Multan according to your toothache, teeth, gum or any other dental condition?

You need to consider the following factors while looking for a dentist: The type of dental issue you are suffering from. Narrowing down your teeth concern and treatment you want whether surgical or non-surgical. The dentist should be PMDC or other medical board certified. Lastly, if you still have ambiguity and want to get connected with the best dentist near you, you can easily reach out to Healthwire.pk or call at 04232500989. You can also find the list of best dentists near you in Multan, exclusively available on Healthwire.pk.

What is the fee range of the best dentist in Multan?

Depending upon the doctor’s practising hospital, education and experience, the fee for a consultation with the best dentist in Multan is between 500-3000 (PKR).

How can I book an appointment with the best dentist in Multan?

To book an appointment, find the list of the best dentists in Multan or call at 04232500989. You can also opt for the video consultation anywhere in Pakistan with a dentist subject to their availability hours.

Are there any hidden charges while booking an appointment with a certified dentist in Multan through Healthwire.pk?

No, there are not any extra or hidden charges to book an appointment with a certified dentist in Multan via Healthwire.pk.

Can I book an online consultation with the best dentists in Multan?

Yes, you can book an online consultation with the best dentist in Multan. Find a list of the best dentists in Multan providing online consultation or call at 04232500989.

How can I find the best dentist near me in Multan?

Visit Healthwire.pk or download our app to get connected with the best dentist near you in Multan.

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