CT Venography Lower Limbs

What is CT Venography Lower Limbs?

CT Venography Lower Limb Test is a CT scan test for your veins whey they are not visible on plain X-rays. A specialised dyed injection is given to patients that allows visibility for your veins, and see the damage or presence of any blood clots. Your doctor might ask you to undergo this test, if you have swollen or painful legs.

CT Venography Lower Limbs Price in Pakistan

CT Venography for lower limbs test price in Pakistan ranges between 17000-20000 PKR. Based on your locality and laboratory the price ranges may vary. You can book this test now with Healthwire.pk and avail upto 28%  discounts.

How can I book CT Venography Lower Limbs near me?

You can simply proceed to add CT Venography Lower Limb in the cart, or call at 042 32500989 to book your lab test from one of our partnered laboratories for instant testing.

Why is CT Venography Lower Limbs conducted?

CT Venography for your lower limbs is conducted to see if the blood flow is normal in your lower body region. If there will be any blockage in the veins because of blood clot, inflammation or tumour, CT Venography test will be able to detect it immediately.

When is CT Venography Lower Limbs performed?

When your lower limbs have become swollen and painful, without any clear indication on simple X-Ray. This particular CT scan uses a dye that runs through your veins that are then traced through CT scan. Once the tracing is done, your doctor will inject a saline solution to flush out the dye.

How to interpret CT Venography Lower Limbs results?

A doctor or radiologist will be able to better interpret your test results and then guide you further on what preventions or treatments would suit your condition best.

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CT Venography Lower Limbs

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