Malarial Parasite (Ag) Test

What is the Malarial Parasite (Ag) Test?

Malarial Parasite (Ag), Malaria Antigen Detection test or an MP Test belongs to a group of rapid diagnostic tests that are commercially obtainable to test Malaria. These are used by individuals that are not skilled in testing malaria with traditional laboratory techniques. Or this can be of great use when the needed equipment is not available.

What is the Malaria Test Price in Pakistan?

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Preparation for the Malaria (Ag) Test

There is no needed preparation for this particular test. A simple droplet of blood is required. There is no difference in testing males and females. There is no fasting needed. After the test, you can indulge in daily activities.

Why is Malaria Test Conducted?

If a person gets bit by a mosquito the parasites travel in the blood. These start to multiply inside the red blood cells and cause malaria. This particular test is used to detect malaria infection in the blood.

When is Malarial Parasite (Ag) Test Performed?

Malaria tests must be conducted when a person visits or lives in an area where this has already been spread. Other than this if the following initial symptoms are felt after the bite of the mosquito then make sure to get a test done;

  • Fever and Shivers
  • Chills in the body
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Diarrhea 
  • Headaches 
  • Muscle Pains
  • Generally feeling sick

What is a Malaria Test Good For?

The Malarial Parasite (Ag) Test is good for quickly diagnosing malaria in the bloodstream. This diagnosis is not one of the traditional methods used these days. But this quick check can save you from your malaria being rooted earlier.

How To Interpret Malarial Parasite (Ag) Test?

There is no normal range associated with this result. Its interpretation is always negative or positive. If the device shows a single line then it means that there are no parasites found in your bloodstream that can cause malaria. And if there are two lines seen,  then it shows positive results that you are infected.

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