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D-Dimer Test

FDP's (D-Dimer)
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Rs. 2,400

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Chughtai Lab

Your tests will be conducted by our partner lab; Chughtai Lab to ensure highest accuracy of results.

Top Booked Diagnostic Tests


Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT)

known as Coombs Direct (Mono Specific)

Rs. 1,045 Rs. 1,100

LDL-Cholesterol Test

known as LDL (Cholesterol)

Rs. 600

Buccal Smear For Barr Bodies Test

known as Buccal Smear for Barr bodies with History

Rs. 1,000

Stool C/E Test

known as Stool for C/E With Occult Blood

Rs. 450

Protein (24 hrs) Test

known as Protein (24 hours Urine)

Rs. 600

Pregnancy Tests

known as Serum Beta hCG

Rs. 1,700

Glucose Challenge Test

known as Growth Hormone Suppression Test (with Glucose Challenge)

Rs. 16,500

Blood Sugar Testing

known as HbA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin)

Rs. 1,650


known as Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) by PCR Qualitative

Rs. 4,800

Renal Function Test

known as Renal Function Tests

Rs. 1,200

HCV Qualitative PCR Test

known as HCV PCR (Qualitative)

Rs. 7,000

H.pylori Test

known as Stool for Helicobacter Pylori Antigen

Rs. 5,500

HBsAg (Quantitative) Test

known as HBsAg (Quantitative)

Rs. 3,000

Anti-HBs Test

known as Anti-HBs

Rs. 1,700

CT Angiography Neck and Brain

known as CT Angiography Neck and Brain

Rs. 25,000

Endoscopy Test

known as Endoscopy

Rs. 15,000

Ultra Sound (USG):Ultrasound Doppler Abdomen Test

known as Ultra sound (USG): Ultrasound Doppler Abdomen

Rs. 3,000

Cross Match Test

known as Cross Match & Phenotyped\Antigen Negative Packed Red Cells without Screening

Rs. 3,700

HBV By PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation)

known as HBV PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation)

Rs. 11,000

Pura Tone Audiometry (PTA)

known as Pura Tone Audiometry (PTA) (Audiology)

Rs. 1,200

Seminal Fluid Analysis

known as Semen for Analysis

Rs. 2,200

Blood Group & RH Factor Test

known as Blood Group & Rh Factor

Rs. 650

Indirect Antiglobulin Test (IAT)

known as Red Cell Antibody Screen / Indirect Coombs

Rs. 300

Phosphorus Test

known as Serum Phosphate

Rs. 600

Urine Culture Test

known as Urine for Bacterial C/S (Aerobic)

Rs. 1,800

Urine Complete Examination

known as Urine C/E (Complete, Analysis)

Rs. 400

CBC blood test

known as Blood C/E (Complete, CBC)

Rs. 680

Calcium, 24 Hour Urine Test

known as Calcium (24 Hrs Urine)

Rs. 650

HBV By PCR (Qualitative)

known as HBV PCR (Qualitative)

Rs. 7,000

Beta HCG

known as Beta hCG

Rs. 1,700

17-OH Progesterone Test

known as 17-OH Progesterone

Rs. 3,650

Cortisol Test (Morning/Evening)

known as Cortisol (Morning)

Rs. 1,450

Anti-HIV Test

known as Anti-HIV - 1 & 2

Rs. 2,500

Vitamin B12 Test

known as Vitamin B12

Rs. 1,900

Prolactin Test

known as Total Prolactin

Rs. 1,750

Free Thyroxin Index (FTI) Test

known as Free T4

Rs. 2,000

LH Test

known as LH

Rs. 1,650

Hepatitis B Qualitative Test

known as Hepatitis "B" Profile

Rs. 9,700

Uric Acid/Creatinine Ratio Test

known as Uric Acid/Creatinine Ratio (Spot Urine)

Rs. 1,300


known as FNAC (Procedure & Reporting)

Rs. 3,850

HCV By PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation)

known as HCV PCR (Viral Load / Quantitation)

Rs. 9,500

CRP ( C-reactive Protein) Test

known as CRP (High Sensitive)

Rs. 1,500

RA Factor Test

known as RA Factor (Serum)

Rs. 1,100

Lipase Test

known as Serum Lipase

Rs. 1,100

Uric Acid (Serum) Test

known as Uric Acid (Serum)

Rs. 700

Iron / Fe Level (Serum) Test

known as Iron Level

Rs. 650

Amylase Test

known as Serum Amylase

Rs. 1,100


known as Widal Test

Rs. 1,450

CSF Culture Test

known as CSF for Analysis

Rs. 1,800

TB Test

known as T-Spot TB Test

Rs. 8,250

VLDL-Cholesterol Test

known as VLDL

Rs. 550

Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol ratio Test

known as HDL (Cholesterol)

Rs. 600

Cholesterol Test

known as Cholesterol (Serum)

Rs. 600

Lipid Profile Test

known as Lipid Profile

Rs. 2,200

Magnesium Test

known as Magnesium (Serum)

Rs. 650

Potassium K+ Test

known as Potassium

Rs. 450

Sodium Na+ Test

known as Sodium

Rs. 450

Electrolytes Panel Test

known as Electrolytes (Serum)

Rs. 1,200

Urea Test

known as BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen)

Rs. 650


known as Liver Function Test With GGT

Rs. 1,650

Absolute Lymphocytes Count Test

known as Absolute Lymphocyte Count

Rs. 220

CT (Clotting Time) Test

known as Clotting Time (CT)

Rs. 400

BT (Bleeding Time) Test

known as Bleeding Time (BT)

Rs. 450

Malarial Parasite ICT Test

known as ICT Malaria

Rs. 1,200

Malarial Parasite (Ag) Test

known as Malarial Parasite (MP)

Rs. 600

Blood Culture Test

known as Blood for C/S (Single Bottle)

Rs. 2,000

APTT ( Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time)

known as APTT

Rs. 800

PT ( Prothrombin Time) Test

known as Prothrombin Time (PT with INR)

Rs. 750


known as ALT (SGPT)

Rs. 450

ESR Test

known as ESR

Rs. 300

TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) Test

known as TSH

Rs. 1,300

Blood Glucose Fasting Test

known as Plasma Glucose (Random)

Rs. 300

CA 125 Test

known as CA 125

Rs. 3,650

COVID-19 Antibody Test

known as IgG/IgM

Rs. 900

Anti-HCV Test

known as Anti-HCV

Rs. 2,200

Testosterone Test

known as Total Testosterone

Rs. 1,650

CT Scan Test

known as CT Scan Reporting only (Per Study)

Rs. 3,000

Allergy Test

known as 3gAllergy Specific IgE Universal Food Allergens Profile

Rs. 6,050

MRCP + MRI Pancreas with Contrast Test

known as MRCP + MRI Pancreas with contrast

Rs. 20,000

HbA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin) Test

known as HbA1C (Glycosylated Hemoglobin)

Rs. 1,650

Anti- HIV (Western Blot Test)

known as Anti-HIV - 1 & 2

Rs. 2,500

MRI Test

known as CD Charges- MRI (Per Study)

Rs. 550

CT Chest (HRCT) Test

known as CT Chest High Resolution (HRCT Chest)

Rs. 10,000

Colonoscopy Test

known as Colonoscopy

Rs. 22,000

ANA Test

known as Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA)

Rs. 3,500


known as ETT Test (Exercise Tolerance Test)

Rs. 5,500

CT Scan 3D Whole Spine

known as Dexa Scan (Whole Spine)

Rs. 6,000

Echo Test

known as Echocardiography

Rs. 4,950

Basic Thyroid Profile (FSH, FT3, FT4, TSH)

known as Basic Thyroid Profile (FT3, FT4, TSH)

Rs. 3,850

USG Anomaly Scan Test

known as Ultra Sound (USG): Obstetrical USG 2nd Trimester with Anomaly Scan

Rs. 2,500

Ultra Sound (USG): TVS (Transvaginal) Test

known as Ultra Sound (USG): TVS (Transvaginal)

Rs. 3,000

Pituitary Function Profile (LH, FSH)

known as Pituitary Function Profile

Rs. 7,150

Fungal Staining

known as Fluid for Fungus Stain/Fungal Smear (KOH) (Specimen Name:

Rs. 700

Dengue Virus Antigen Detection (NS1) Test

known as Dengue NS1 Antigen

Rs. 2,650

Blood Smear Test

known as Blood C/E e Peripheral Film/Smear

Rs. 800

Dengue PCR Test

known as Dengue Virus Genotyping on PCR

Rs. 6,050

Stool H.pylori Antigen Test

known as Stool for Helicobacter Pylori Antigen

Rs. 5,500

AMH Test

known as Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH)

Rs. 5,400

Typhidot Test

known as Typhidot IgM

Rs. 1,600

Typhi Dot (IgG) Test

known as Typhidot IgG

Rs. 1,600

ECG Test

known as ECG TEST (Outsource)

Rs. 1,000


known as Biopsy, Slide(s) & Block(s) for review

Rs. 11,000

Anti- CCP Test

known as Anti-CCP

Rs. 3,300

TTG Test

known as Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase IgA (TTG)

Rs. 2,000

Albumin (Fluid) Test

known as Albumin (Fluid)

Rs. 500

GGT (LFT) Test

known as Liver Function Test With GGT

Rs. 1,650

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) Test

known as Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP)

Rs. 3,650

Glucose Tolerance Test

known as GTT / GCT (75 Grams Glucose Tolerance Test ( for Pregnant Patient) (Fasting, 75gm Glucose 1 Hours, 2 Hours)

Rs. 850

STDs Test Male

known as STD Male Profile

Rs. 15,750

STDs Test Female

known as STD Female Profile

Rs. 15,750

Blood Glucose Random Test

known as Plasma Glucose (Random)

Rs. 300

Typhi Dot (IgM) Test

known as Typhidot IgM

Rs. 1,600

MRI Lumbar Spine With Contrast Test

known as MRI Lumbar Spine With Contrast

Rs. 15,000

MR Mammography With Contrast Test

known as MRI Breasts With Contrast

Rs. 20,000

DEXA Scan Test

known as Dexa Scan (BMD & Whole Body Composition)

Rs. 7,500

Hb Electrophoresis Test

known as HB. Electrophoresis

Rs. 2,200

25-Hydroxy Vitamin-D Test

known as 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3

Rs. 3,200

Health Checkups and Screenings

Diabetes Profile

Include 3 tests

Rs. 2,050

Healthy Heart Profile

Include 9 tests

Rs. 5,500
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