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Best Physiotherapist in lahore - Dr. Ali Shehvaiz Younus

Dr. Ali Shehvaiz Younus

Physiotherapist • Pain Management Specialist • Acupuncturist • Chiropractor • Podiatrist

Matric - City Medical City, 2010 6 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Physiotherapist in lahore - Dr. Waseem Javaid

Dr. Waseem Javaid

Physiotherapist • Sports Medicine Specialist • Pain Management Specialist • Acupuncturist • Chiropractor

BSC (Physiotherapy) from King Edward Medical University with Gold medal (2019-2012) 11 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Chiropractor in faisalabad - Dr. Awais Bin Inam

Dr. Awais Bin Inam

Physiotherapist • Acupuncturist • Chiropractor

Ph.D - University of Lahore 13 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
video consultation doctor card
Best Acupuncturist in karachi - Dr. Umer Fayyaz

Dr. Umer Fayyaz

Pain Management Specialist • Acupuncturist • Chiropractor • Hijama Specialist • Alternative Medicine Specialist

COCT 23 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Acupuncturist in islamabad - Ms.	Anam Zafar

Ms. Anam Zafar

Acupuncturist • Alternative Medicine Specialist

D.Ac 5 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Acupuncturist in karachi - Dr. Robinson Pravez

Dr. Robinson Pravez

Homeopathic Doctor • Acupuncturist

AAT 6 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Acupuncturist in rawalpindi - Dr. Syed Muhammad Ali Shahzad

Dr. Syed Muhammad Ali Shahzad


MAC 13 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Physiotherapist in quetta - Assist. Prof. Dr. Saifullah khan durrani

Assist. Prof. Dr. Saifullah khan durrani

Physiotherapist • Sports Medicine Specialist • Pain Management Specialist • Acupuncturist

Consultant Ortho Neuro Sports Physiotherapist. 8 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Acupuncturist in lahore - Dr. Saima  Zahoor

Dr. Saima Zahoor

Pain Management Specialist • Acupuncturist

Advance Acupuncture - Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopedics, China 18 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%
Best Acupuncturist in lahore - Dr. Muhammad Waseem Hassan

Dr. Muhammad Waseem Hassan


MBBS 25 Year of Experience
PMC Verified 95%

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient theruapteic Chinese alternate medicine that involves treatment through thin needles inserted at specific pressure points of the body for relieving pain. Acupuncture treatment is a blend of eaten and western approaches of medicine. Each treatment is unique to your behaviour, lifestyle, and symptoms. It is important to note that acupuncture is pure pseudoscience, as there is no scientific knowledge backed up to its practice. 

Acupuncture is a combination of different practices but all involve the insertion of needles into the skin. A typical session of acupuncture requires the patients to sit still while insertion of 5 to 20 needles is done at very specific parts of your body. The idea behind acupuncture is to balance the ‘energies’ within the body to relieve muscular tension and pain. 

The Technique 

  • Skin is sterilized and needles are inserted while being manipulated around the skin surface in various ways. The needle does not penetrate deep, as pain is usually felt in the superficial (uppermost) part of the skin. 

  • The de-Qi sensation is felt by the patient. This is a feeling of numbness followed by a dull ache or tingling feeling at the point of needle insertion. 

 Related Practices to Acupuncture

  • Acupressure- using physical non-invasive pressure for body pain relief. 

  • Cupping therapy- local suction of skin to help regulate lymph and blood flow throughout the body,

  • Electroacupuncture- a modern form of acupuncture that gives dull electric pulses through the inserted needles for treatment. 

  • Fire needle acupuncture- this involves the insertion of a needle that is quickly burned and then inserted into specific body pressure points. 

  • Sonopuncture- this involves sound instead of needles through different tools using ultrasound or tuning forks. 

  • Acupuncture point injection- vitamins or herbal extracts are directly injected to specific body pressure points. 

  • Tui Na- this is the most passive acupuncture method which does not involve any needle insertion rather physical bare-handed techniques for body pain relief. 

Who is an Acupuncturist?

An acupuncturist is a skilled healthcare practitioner and healer who has had extensive training in acupuncture, by applying traditional Chinese medicine. They care for their patients' illnesses for their physical and mental wellbeing. They have specialized in ancient medicine treatment and use both traditional and modern technology for their acupuncture treatment. An acupuncturist is trained for all age groups, however, they are often consulted by old people. An acupuncturist will have wide knowledge on specialities like gynecology, gastroenterology, sports injury, pain management, oncology, cosmetology, dermatology, and drug addictions. An acupuncturist has to be a registered healthcare professional, or else they will not be able to practice their services. 

When to see an Acupuncturist?

You should consult with an acupuncturist if you are looking for holistic treatment without any invasive medical procedures. This includes not wanting to take medicines, injections or surgical propositions for your treatment. 

Holistic Healing | Services offered by an Acupuncturist

The specific conditions for which an acupuncturist should be referred as follows;

  • Muscular pain

  • Body pain

  • Chronic Pain

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Arthritis Pain

  • Other Joints Pain

  • Post-operative pain 

  • Nausea

  • Pain related to Cancer Treatment 

  • Sleep

  • Diabetes

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders

  • Ankle sprain

  • Cerebral Hemorrhage

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Drug addiction and abuse

  • ADHD/ OCD/ autism

  • Injuries 

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Tennis elbow

  • Restless Legs Syndrome

Certified Acupuncturist in Pakistan | Just a Click Away!

Most of the Acupuncturists are board certified General Physicians, who have specialized in ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’  fellowships with their study focus on holistic treatment. They can also not be a certified MBBS doctor and still be an acupuncturist based on their practice and certification. Pakistan has many top qualified Acupuncturists who are the best in their field. In order to help you, Healthwire is providing you with easy access to Pakistan’s Best Acupuncturist. Healthwire is associated with PMDC certified Acupuncturists. You can find the complete list of both male and female Acupuncturists from all over Pakistan with their detailed information of expertise, practicing location, and timings. You can easily book an “Online Appointment” or even Opt for “Video Consultation” at your own ease, Anywhere, Anytime all over Pakistan by either Calling us at 04232500989 or download our Healthwire App to book appointments.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does an Acupuncturist do?

An acupuncturist is a holistic healing treatment that treats a variety of psychological and physical health problems. Primarily an Acupuncturist is focused on easing physical pain, however, people consult an acupuncturist for other health concerns as well.

Can an Acupuncturist diagnose?

An acupuncturist gives the best of healing diagnosis through looking, observing, sensing, and listening. An acupuncturist is a healer, not a certified doctor which is why for accurate diagnoses, patients should rely on a specialist.

Can Acupuncture damage any nerve?

Apart from slight bruising due to needle insertion, there are no harmful side effects to getting acupuncture. On the contrary, people seek acupuncture treatment more these days due to its promising pain relief results.

How would you know if your Acupuncture treatment is working?

Your pain will improve, you will feel more energy, your mood will improve, and your sleep could also improve.