What is Trichology?

Trichology is the medical branch which deals with studying hair and scalp health. 

A Hair Transplant Surgeon is a doctor who specializes in hair and scalp treatments. Their primary specialization is in treating balding, alopecia and hair related surgeries. Commonly they go around with the name of the ‘Hair Doctor’. 

A Hair Transplant Surgeon can be referred to in cases of hair loss problems, hair surgeries, and hair transplant concerns. They are fully qualified for providing the right hair treatments based on your individual case. They also extend their services to other skin related issues such as treating eczema, botox, peels, and much more. 

Hair Loss and Alopecia | Consult with a Hair Transplant Surgeon

If you are suffering from balding patches, it might be a sign of alopecia which can be treated by an experienced hair doctor. In case of unusual hair loss, irritated scalp skin, abnormal hair loss or skin reaction, consult with one of our top hair specialists in Pakistan. Based on your symptoms and concerns, a hair doctor will go through a thorough examination of your concern and may suggest preventive medicine, further diagnosis, or certain lifestyle changes to make.  

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A Hair Transplant Surgeon in Pakistan is a licensed medical healthcare practitioner who has undergone standard MBBS, followed by specialty training in broad disciplines related to skin and hair. from a recognized institute. It is important for a Hair Transplant Surgeon to carry a license for practicing from a recognized board or state. Pakistan has many top qualified Hair Specialists who are best in their field. You can find the complete list of both male and female Hair Transplant Surgeons from all over Pakistan with their detailed information of expertise, practicing location, and timings. You can easily book an “Online Appointment” or even Opt for “Video Consultation” at your own ease, Anywhere, Anytime all over Pakistan by either Calling us at 04232500989 or download our Healthwire App to book appointments.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to recover from a hair plant surgery?

Depending on the severity of hair plant surgery performed, it usually takes 2-3 days to recover from the hair transplant surgery on average. Within 2 to 3 weeks the transplanted hair will fall out and you will be able to see new hair regrowth within a few months.

Can hair transplants give me a natural look?

Yes, they can, however, it depends on the hair transplant surgeon you have received your treatment from.

Is a hair transplant painful?

The overall treatment is a convenient procedure with minimal pain. The procedure nevertheless is an operative transplant restoration, so the patient might feel discomfort. Before the surgery begins, local anesthesia will be given which might give a prickly sensation, but that will be pretty much all.

Can body hair be used for hair transplant?

Originally, scalp hair is ideal for hair transplant procedures. However, many men have to rely on other body donor hair sources. One of the most increasingly common body sources now amongst men is body hair, so yes body hair is now a safe option for hair transplant.

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