What is Medical Speciality?

Medical Speciality is a medical practice that is focused on general or defined medical diseases.  

Medical Specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and training in specific areas of medicine. A registered medical practitioner will be responsible for reviewing a patient's medical data, including X-rays, laboratory reports, and performing a complete physical examination, based on their individual expertise.  

A Medical Specialist is specialized in examining the internal spread of infection or disease. They will provide special insight into the right tests and diagnosis required for your case. If the infection leads to hospitalization, a medical specialist will follow your case through your case with the right diagnostic testing and customized treatments likewise. They are fully licensed for providing the right treatments and guidance for diagnosing the right type of problem. Nonetheless, the expertise of a medical specialist is not limited to just diagnosing internal medical problems, some of them are also trained in studying viral infections and skin infections.  

When to seek a Medical Specialist?

A medical specialist will provide general healthcare guidance and treatment while treating a wide range of medical issues including infections, injuries, internal diseases, common diseases, and other health concerns. For common flu, fever, nausea, seasonal diseases, a medical specialist will run a thorough diagnosis by collecting blood samples and culturing other fluid to determine the infection spread, control, and diagnosis.

Services by Healthwire Medical Specialist

The services and treatments offered by our medical doctors are, but not limited to:

  • Examining General Infectious Diseases 

  • Complete Physical Examination 

  • Prescribing Travel Medications and tropical diseases 

  • Studying transmitted diseases 

  • Surgical or internal infection

  • Diagnostic or therapeutic

  • Bone and joint infections 

  • Organ based diseases

  • Allergies 

  • Endocrine infections 

  • Intensive care medicine 

Certified Medical Specialists in Pakistan | Just a Click Away!

A Medical Specialist in Pakistan is a licensed medical healthcare practitioner who has undergone standard MBBS followed by 2 years of house job. A medical Specialist may, later on, specialize in other health fields for a targeted area of practice.   It is important for a Medical Specialist to carry a license for practicing from a recognized board or state. Pakistan has many top qualified medical doctors who are best in their field. In order to help you, Healthwire is providing you with easy access to Pakistan’s Best medical doctors. You can find the complete list of both male and female medical specialists from all over Pakistan with their detailed information of expertise, practicing location and timings. You can easily book an “Online Appointment” or even Opt for “Video Consultation” at your own ease, Anywhere, Anytime all over Pakistan by either Calling us at 04232500989 or download our Healthwire App to book appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does a medical specialist do?

A medical specialist is an MBBS doctor who treats and diagnoses a wide range of primary healthcare concerns. A medical specialist can also prescribe preventive medicine, internal medicine, and family medicine.

What is the difference between a medical specialist and a specialist doctor?

A medical specialist is a healthcare doctor who treats a wide variety of common diseases without further specialization in a singular medical field. A specialist doctor is a medical specialist who has further specialized and practiced in a specific specialty.

Should I go see a general physician or a medical specialist?

If you are uncertain about a specialist you should first go see a general physician. Based on your signs, symptoms, and likely health concern, a general physician will direct you to the specialist to avoid wastage of time, money, and wrong diagnosis.

Can a medical specialist be an internal medicine specialist?

Yes, most medical specialists have expertise in internal medicine and can be consulted for internal infections and diseases. If you have a severe case your medical specialist might recommend you to a further specialist.

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