What is Sports Medicine Speciality?

A sports medicine specialist is a healthcare practitioner who works with athletes in treating their injuries and other diseases. A sports medicine doctor can be a primary care physician or an orthopedic surgeon who further specialized in sports medicine. 

sports medicine specialists are specialized in addressing issues such as sports medicine, nutrition, sports psychology, and any injuries or diseases.  They will carefully evaluate your case and provide individual diagnoses. They are also trained in general healthcare as well with conditions especially revolving around the physical and mental well-being of an athlete. They are fully licensed for providing the right treatments and guidance.  Nonetheless, the expertise of a sports medicine specialist is not limited to just sports medicine, they are also trained for prescribing preventive medication.  

Substance Abuse in Athletes | Consult with sports medicine specialists

Sports medicine specialists treat a wide range of issues which includes athlete's health and nutrition. However, they are also focused on providing helping sportsmen with substance abuse and drug abuse.  In case of any sports injury, you should consult with a ‘sports medicine specialists’ immediately. Your sports medicine specialists will go through a thorough examination of your overall health and may suggest certain lifestyle changes to make.   

Services by Healthwire Sports Medicine Specialist

The services and treatments offered by our Sports specialist are, but not limited to:

  • Diagnosing and treating all kinds of athletic injuries

  • Providing treatment and rehabilitation strategies for the athlete 

  • Physical therapist

  • Monitoring athletes progress for good performance

  • Athletic training 

  • Physician services

  • Concussion services

  • Sports nutrition 

  • Orthopedic services

  • Imaging services 

Certified Sports Medicine Specialists in Pakistan | Just a Click Away!

A sports medicine specialist in Pakistan is a licensed medical healthcare practitioner who has undergone standard MBBS, followed by a specialization in primary physician from a recognized institute. It is important for a sports medicine specialist to carry a license for practicing from a recognized board or state. Pakistan has many top qualified sports medicine specialists who are best in their field. To help you, Healthwire is providing you with easy access to Pakistan’s Best sports medicine specialists. You can find the complete list of both male and female sports medicine specialists from all over Pakistan with their detailed information of expertise, practicing location, and timings.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does a sports medicine specialist do?

A sports medicine specialist is a medical doctor who specializes in athletic medicine and care. They help with athletic injuries and continue to keep up with their routine checkups during the recovery phase of the athlete.

What is the difference between a physical therapist and sports medicine specialist?

Physical therapists are consulted as a secondary source in case of any physical injury. A sports medicine specialist is the doctor who primarily deals with athletes therapy and medicine.

What are the main services of medical medicine specialists?

A sports medicine specialist will treat the following health issues; Limb and spine deformities (such as clubfoot, scoliosis) Gait abnormalities (limping) Bone and joint infections. Sprains and strains. Dislocations. Ligament injuries. Fractures. Apophysitis.

What does a sports medicine physician specialize in?

Sports Medicine Physicians specialize in the non-operative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.

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