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About The Dental Studio (Bahawalpur)

The Dental Studio (Bahawalpur) is a state of the art PMDC verified hospital in Bahawalpur. The hospital offers various facilities to both In-patient and out-patient. The Dental Studio (Bahawalpur) is well-equipped with advanced medical instruments. The consultants and specialists of the hospital are experienced and well-reputed in their field. The staff of the The Dental Studio (Bahawalpur) is fully trained, skilled and are committed to providing the best healthcare services. The The Dental Studio (Bahawalpur) aims to make healthcare services accessible and affordable using the latest technology for all the patients without compromising the quality of the treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Exact Location of The Dental Studio (bahawalpur)?
The Dental Studio (bahawalpur) is located in Bahawalpur. The Hospital is easy to reach because of its prime location. The exact location of The Dental Studio (bahawalpur) is 1, Ghaznavi Road, M T A, Bahawalpur.
How to Contact The Dental Studio (bahawalpur)?
You can call at 04232500989. If you want to seek an online service directly through the hospital, you can call on the same number.
How affordable The Dental Studio (bahawalpur) is?
The affordability of the Hospital depends on your choice of specialist. Overall Doctors Hospital is a dedicated Hospital with a wide range of excellent healthcare and emergency services.
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042 32500989