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Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Specializes in the following services and procedures.

About Islamabad Diagnostic Centre

Islamabad Diagnostic Center is one of the best healthcare and diagnostic facilities in Faisalabad. It is the first of its kind diagnostic facility that provides the entire spectrum of lab and imaging services along with consultation from various doctors. Islamabad Diagnostic Center Faisalabad is well-equipped with advanced medical instruments. It is also one of the only diagnostic centres that provide diagnostic facilities 24/7. The main aim of the IDC Faisalabad is to provide accurate, reliable and trustworthy healthcare services in Pakistan. 

IDC Faisalabad Specialities

IDC Faislabad provides diagnostic services for various specialities such as pathology, radiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, general surgery, interventional cardiology, oncology etc


IDC Faisalabad provides diagnostic services 24/7.

Booking an Appointment

Islamabad Diagnostic Center Faisalabad provides quality health and wellness for the community. Now you can easily consult with the female and male doctors at Islamabad Diagnostic Center Faisalabad without any ambiguity via Healthwire. To book an appointment with the best doctors and lab tests from Islamabad Diagnostic Hospital Faisalabad call 04232500989.


Islamabad Diagnostic Centre Doctors List

Doctors in Islamabad Diagnostic Center

Qualified and experienced medical staff and lab technologists are providing their services in the IDC Faisalabad. From top radiologists to best pathologists and other specialist consultants and radiologists are offering top-notch healthcare services in the Islamabad Diagnostic Center, Faisalabad. The staff of Islamabad Diagnostic Center is fully trained, skilled and committed to providing the best healthcare services.