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Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad)

  • House No 100 Wisampuri Hazara Colony, Latifabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan
  • 36 Doctors


Shah Bhittai Government Hospital Hyderabad is one of the biggest healthcare providers in Hyderabad. The hospital offers various facilities for both In-patient and out-patient. Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad is well-equipped with advanced medical instruments. The consultants and specialists of the hospital are experienced and well-reputed in their field. The staff of the Bhittai Hospital Latifabad is fully trained, skilled and committed to providing the best healthcare services. Shah Bhittai Hospital aims to make healthcare services accessible and affordable using the latest technology for all patients without compromising the quality of the treatment.

Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad Timings

Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad is operational 24/7, but each specialist has specific timings.

Booking an Appointment

Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad provides quality health and wellness for the community. Now you can easily consult with the female and male doctors at Bhittai Hospital Latifabad without any ambiguity via Healthwire. To book an appointment with the best doctors at Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad call 04232500989.

Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad Medical Team

Qualified doctors and surgeons are practicing in the Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad. All the doctors are highly skilled and professional and provide services in the ENT, gastroenterology, general medicine, pulmonology, urology, nephrology, gynecology and eye departments of the Bhittai Hospital Latifabad They make sure that each patient is treated with great care and with the best affordable healthcare facilities.


  • Patient Experience
    98% recommended
  • 24-hour Emergency Services
  • Operation Theaters
  • Pharmacy Blood Bank
  • Diagnostic Lab
  • Waiting Area
  • Parking
  • Patients Rooms
  • IPD
  • OPD

Facilities Offered at Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad

Shah Bhittai Hospital Hyderabad aims to help patients with its diverse and affordable healthcare facilities. It offers 24hrs emergency services, IPDs, OPDs, ICU, operation theatres, labor rooms, normal delivery cases, C-Section, dialysis, general surgeries and major specialities services. For better treatment, Bhittai Hospital Latifabad also has a functional laboratory. Apart from this, the pharmacy of the hospital provides medicines to the patients at subsidized rates.


This hospital has 13 General Physician which includes:
  • 100% Male Doctors
  • 0% Female Doctors
  • Top 3 Services
    Corona-Virus Treatment
    Fever Treatment
  • Top 3 Treatments
    Abdominal Pain
This hospital has 5 Dentist which includes:
  • 60% Male Doctors
  • 40% Female Doctors
  • Top 3 Services
    Oral Examination
    Tooth Bone Grafting
  • Top 3 Treatments
    Bad Breath
    Bleeding Gums
    Canker Sore
This hospital has 4 Pediatrician which includes:
  • 50% Male Doctors
  • 50% Female Doctors
  • Top 3 Services
    Newborn Examination
    Fever Treatment
    Allergies And Asthma Care
  • Top 3 Treatments
    Abdomen Diseases in Children
    Abdominal Pain
    Allergies in children

Frequently Asked Questions

Which doctors are practising at Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad?

The doctors practising in the Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad are: Dr. Imtiaz Memon, Dr. Mansoor Khan Zada, Dr. Muhammad Athar Shaikh, Dr. Nasreen Shafeeq, Dr. M. Arif, Dr. Jahangir Azeem, Dr. Abid K.K, Dr. Salma Sultan, Dr. Ghaffar Shaikh (Rmo), Dr. Naseem Alvi

What are the timings of Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad?

Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad is operational 24/7, but each specialist has specific consultation timings.

Is the Emergency Service available at Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad?

Yes, emergency service is available 24/7 at Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad.

How can I book an appointment with the doctors of Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad?

You can book an appointment with the doctors of Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Latifabad Hyderabad by calling at 04232500989/02137130261 or by online booking an appointment via

What is the address of Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad),Hyderabad?

Bhittai Hospital (Latifabad) is located at House No 100 Wisampuri Hazara Colony, Latifabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.

Call for assistance
042 32500989