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Ali Clinic Specializes in the following services and procedures.

About Ali Clinic

Ali Clinic is a PMC verified and provides a wide range of quality medical services and treatments. The hospital focuses on enhancing health outcomes by delivering specialized medicare care. 

The location of Ali Clinic Islamabad is Street 40, G 6, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital, Pakistan.

Ali Clinic Doctors List

The consultants and specialists of the Ali Clinic Islamabad are experienced and well-reputed in their field. The staff of the clinic is fully trained, skilled and is committed to providing the best healthcare services. General physicians at Ali Clinic works 24/7 to serve the patients with the best treatment.

Ali Clinic Timings

The Ali Clinic is operational 24/7. However, each specialist has specific timing for appointments and consultations.

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Now, you can easily consult with the male and female doctors at Ali Clinic by calling 042-32500989 or visiting Healthwire.