Bajwa Hospital & Cardiac Center

  • Hafeez Taaib Road Kashmir Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • 21 Doctors

Doctors in Bajwa Hospital & Cardiac Center

About 100+ well-qualified consultants, doctors, and nurses in all specialties and subspecialties provide their services in the Bajwa Hospital. All of the medical staff of this hospital are well-trained, renowned, professionals with experience in their relevant fields.

Bajwa Hospital and Cardiac Center facilitate the general masses by providing them with the best possible cardiac services in the city. From catering to hypertension to cardiovascular diseases, Bajwa Hospital and Cardiac Center tends to a number of heart-related issues.

Bajwa Hospital doctors are also cooperative and adhere to the code of ethics to maintain the patient’s privacy. From committed pediatricians to skilled orthopedic surgeons, Bajwa Hospital and Cardiac Center boasts a wide range of medical healthcare specialists.

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