Masood Hospital

  • 99 Garden Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • 65 Doctors


Masood hospital is serving in the healthcare sector since November 30th, 1992. It is located at 99 - Garden Town, near Kalma Chowk, Lahore.

There were only seventeen beds, two operation theaters, and a small setup for patients when the hospital was established. After much hard work from the management and many healthcare professionals, now the hospital meets international healthcare standards.

The management of Masood hospital works with an aim to provide quality health facilities and services to the patients as per the international standard at affordable rates without compromising the patient’s health and treatment. Even today, the cost of treatment of various diseases is affordable.

Masood hospital remains open 24/7 since its establishment. The emergency services are also available at any time for most patients.

Doctors in Masood Hospital

Currently, there are 52 highly qualified doctors practicing in Massod hospital. DR. Muhammad Zakria, Dr. Shumaila Rasheed, Dr. Ayesha Rehman, and Dr. Waseem Rehman are the most reputed and experienced doctors here.

The average consultation fee in Masood hospital is between 2000 to 4000RS. However, the consultation fee varies from specialty to specialty. To consult any doctor, you can simply call on the number of the hospital. The landline number of Masood hospital is 042-32500989.

The following hospital provides a range of medical facilities to not only the residents of Lahore but also to those who are outsiders. In the case of a blood emergency, the caretakers of patients don't need to worry because there is a blood transfusion in the vicinity of the hospital.

Well-trained and qualified physiotherapists try their best to help all kinds of patients recover from different injuries or surgeries. The quality of treatment at physiotherapy and rehabilitation center is unquestionable.

The simplest way of treatment in the department of physiotherapy is chest massage. Other manual therapies can include different forms of exercise as well as shortwave diathermy.

Masood Hospitals also provides services for home physiotherapy. However, home physiotherapy has to be pre-scheduled because a physiotherapist would only pay attention to you.

Additionally, the department of clinical psychology and speech therapy is also helping patients by adopting new advancements in the field of health technology. This department of Masood hospital offers different services such as the diagnosis of learning disorders, autism spectrum disorders, etc.

Other services include assessments for anxiety, couples, and psychotherapy for adults. Some other health departments that are functional at Masood hospitals are dermatology, neurology, ENT, general surgery, pulmonology, psychiatry, etc.



  • Patient Experience
    99% recommended
  • 24-hour Emergency Services
  • Operation Theaters
  • Pharmacy Blood Bank
  • Diagnostic Lab
  • Waiting Area
  • Parking
  • Patients Rooms
  • IPD
  • OPD

Masood Hospital Services and Treatments 

There is a highly advanced laboratory known as the center for diagnostic excellence. Several pathologist tests are conducted in the precinct using modern equipment. In addition, the radiology department also provides diagnostic scans such as ultrasounds, x-rays, CT scans, etc.

Other services at Masood hospital include plastic surgery, general surgery, thoracic surgery, and orthopedic surgery. These are considered the best surgeries at this hospital.


This hospital has 6 General Surgeon which includes:
  • 50% Male Doctors
  • 0% Female Doctors
  • Top 3 Services
    Abdominal Surgery
    Bariatric Surgery
  • Top 3 Treatments
    Anal Fissures
    Bawaseer (Piles)
This hospital has 6 Neurosurgeon which includes:
  • 83% Male Doctors
  • 0% Female Doctors
  • Top 3 Services
    Digital Eeg Test
    Aneurysms Treatment
  • Top 3 Treatments
    Brain Hemorrhage
    Tourette's Syndrome
This hospital has 5 Gynecologist which includes:
  • 0% Male Doctors
  • 100% Female Doctors
  • Top 3 Services
    Antenatal Care
    C-Section Normal Delivery
    Cervical Screening Cancer
  • Top 3 Treatments
    Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which doctors are practising at Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore?

The doctors practising in the Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore are: Dr. Wali Khan, Dr. Imran Bajwa, Dr. Syed Mehmood Ali, Dr. Aamir Jameel, Dr. Ahmad Naeem Akhtar, Dr. Muhammad Ali, Dr. Fateh Sher, Dr. Muhammad Khurrum Ishaque, Dr. Mohammad Abid, Dr. M Osman Yusuf

What are the timings of Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore?

Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore is operational 24/7, but each specialist has specific consultation timings.

Is the Emergency Service available at Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore?

Yes, emergency service is available 24/7 at Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore.

How can I book an appointment with the doctors of Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore?

You can book an appointment with the doctors of Masood Hospital,Garden Town Lahore by calling at 04232500989/02137130261 or by online booking an appointment via

What is the address of Masood Hospital,Lahore?

Masood Hospital is located at 99 Garden Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Call for assistance
042 32500989