113 Best Eye Hospitals in Lahore

List of Top Hospitals in Lahore with Certified Ophthalmologist


Naz Hospital

82 Ferozepur Road, Shershah Colony, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
15 Doctors

Avicenna Medical Hospital

Phase 9 Bedian Road, DHA, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
15 Doctors

Qazi Hospital

3 Temple Road, Mozang Chungi, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
13 Doctors

Citi Hospital

Punjab Government Servants Housing Scheme Defence Road, Bahria Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
13 Doctors

Najam Hospital

32 Main Blvd Jahanzeb Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
11 Doctors

Surayya Azeem (Waqf) Hospital

Bahawalpur Road, Chauburji, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
12 Doctors

Singapore Medical Centre

Street 10 Gulshan Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
13 Doctors

Hussain Memorial Hospital

105 Multan Road, Samanabad, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
13 Doctors

Kaleem Medical Center

18 Usmani Road Block L, Model Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
11 Doctors

What is an Eye Hospital/Eye Clinic?

An Eye Hospital/Clinic is a hospital that specializes in providing services related to the eyes. All kinds of medical and surgical procedures of eyes are catered in an eye hospital.

Some of the eye hospitals are also referred to as eye clinics or eyesight clinics in the Lahore.

A certified panel of ophthalmologists, eye specialists, and doctors is typically there in the eye hospital to provide all sorts of eye care services in set available hours.

When should you visit an Eye Hospital?

If you are having issues with your vision or experiencing redness, pain, and swelling in your eyes do visit an eyesight clinic. In case of an injury as a result of a foreign object or chemical in the eye, seek medical attention by visiting an Eye Hospital near you.

Finding Best Eye Hospital in Lahore

Lahore is an important city for [specialty] services. Searching for the best eye hospital, eyesight clinics, and private eye clinics in Lahore can be tricky.

People from all over Pakistan visit Lahore to get treatment from good, well-reputed eye hospitals. One way to find the ‘best eye hospital/clinic near me’ is to look for reviews, qualifications, and infrastructure of the hospital. You can now find all these features from Healthwire.pk in order to find the best eye care hospital in Lahore.

Eye Hospital/ Eyesight Clinic Diagnostic Services

  • Eye Examination
  • Diagnosis and treatment of eye condition interlinked with other diseases like arthritis and diabetes.
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Eye Cancer
  • Vision Therapy
  • Glaucoma surgeries
  • Anterior and posterior eye surgeries
  • Valve implants
  • Posterior vitrectomy
  • Retinal and macular disorders
  • Focal, multifocal, and bifocal lens implant.
  • Pediatric ophthalmic service
  • Biometry
  • Visual Field Analyzer
  • Corneal Tomography
  • Fundus Angiography

Book an Appointment at Best Eye Hospital in Lahore

Now you can easily book an appointment with qualified and expert ophthalmologists from the best hospital for eye surgeries, treatments, and monthly checkups near you. Healthwire’s top male and best female ophthalmologists in Lahore are famous for their extensive treatment. For the best private eye clinic experience in Lahore consult with our best and most famous ophthalmologists/eye specialists.

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