12 October- A Day To Raise Awareness About Arthritis


by Naba Batool

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This day is mainly celebrated to raise awareness among the general masses regarding the existence of arthritis. This is a day to educate the public about the various reasons why they should pay attention to this disease.


First observed in the year 1996, this day is celebrated each year with zeal and a strong sense of responsibility. It was a collaborative effort of The Arthritis and Rheumatism International Foundation. Laying the groundwork to create awareness among the masses is the core goal of this foundation. After the successful commencement of the foundation, now every year this day is celebrated on the 12th of October globally.

The main objective of this day is that it provides a common platform for various communities to come together and be vocal about a single cause.

Arthritis is a disease that affects one million people annually. It is an umbrella term that is used for a group of conditions that affects the bones and joints. The theme of World Arthritis Day 2021 is “Don’t delay, connect today: Time 2 Work”. Common symptoms of this disease include stiffness of joints, swelling, and recurrent pains. With the help of this dedicated day, millions of people can be made aware of the importance of on-time diagnosis as well as the consequences of delayed treatments.