14 Health Setups Sealed After IHRA Inspection


by Hamna Bano

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In the past two weeks, the Healthcare Regulatory Authority (IHRA) in Islamabad inspected a total of 61 Healthcare Establishments. The inspection was carried out in different areas of Islamabad Capital Territory. This led to the suspension of 14 set-ups and out of 61, six got sealed instantly. 


On inspecting closely it was revealed that the sealing of the facilities took place due to the practices not going according to the established rules. Life Care International Hospital, Al Noor Medical and Dental Complex, Umair Diagnostic Center, Biotech Lab, Family Dental Clinic, and Max Heath Hospital got sealed because of them using foul ways for COVID-19 testing without the approval of IHRA. 


The lack of proper waste management, unhygienic conditions, absence of quality staff, use of expired collection tubes, and other malpractices were observed on inspection.


Along with sealing, IHRA also suspended major Health Care Establishments upon infringement. 


14 HCEs got suspended over non-compliances: Humaira Medical Centre, Zainab Medical Centre, Noor Clinic, Chughtai Lab Collection (Collection Centre), Chughtai Lab (Collection Point), GSR Lab and Medical Center, Real-Time PCR Covid-19 Collection Centre, Islamabad Healthcare Lab, Australian Infertility Concept (IVF Medical Services Centre), DNA Digger Lab, Chughtai Lab Collection Centre (PCR + routine), Bio Diagnostic Center, Chughtai Lab Collection Point, and Elaaj Health Services were in the list. 


For petty non-compliances, there were notices issued to at least 15 Health Care Establishments and set-ups.


FDA on the other hand is in contact with the manufacturers and makers of PCR kits. This is to make sure that no expired or used kits are sold or used for COVID-19 testing in the future.