5 Health Workers Terminated On Injecting Police Officers Expired Booster Dose


by Hamna Bano

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According to the reports, five major health workers including Dr. Amar Lal got terminated by the Health Officer District Khairpur. During an anti-Covid drive held at Police Training Center Khairpur,  these 5 healthcare workers were found injecting expired vaccines to 170 police officers. 


The reports revealed that the expiry date for the vaccine was December 2021, and it was administered on January 24. Four out of 170 police officers have been reported to be extremely sick being vaccinated with an expired dose. 


An inquiry committee had been established in order to delve into the issue of injecting expired coronavirus booster dose, said Dr. Tasleem Khamisani DHO Khairpur. It was informed to the media that Khalid Latif Store Inchrarge DHO Office Khairpur, Nursing Student Abdul Malik, Medical Officer Dr. Amar Lal, and Medical Technician Rustam Ali were found guilty. 


Dr. Khamisani added that all of these offices were terminated on the spot. The inquiry report stated that the negligence of a storekeeper had led to this mishap. Along with the storekeeper, a medical technician, a male nurse, and a vaccinator were charged with strict action. 


Recent reports are not showing pleasant results of covid cases. An increase in the active cases has been observed. 20 more cases from Sukkur city have been reported in the last 24 hours. 


Sharing the most recent data of vaccination, the Chief Minister of the province said that, “34,393,088 vaccinations had been administered up to Jan 29 and during the last 24 hours 148,061 vaccines were inoculated”.