539 Quack Outlets Sealed in 22 Districts of Punjab


by Hamna Bano

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The Punjab Health Commission has carried out a crackdown on quacks outlets in 22 districts and closed 539 outlets.

In March, The PHC enforcement teams conducted several raids on a total of 2,689 treatment centers. They found that 98 qualified physicians had started their jobs at the previously marked quack centers and were treating patients. 


The team has now started surveillance of 1,469 centers. Out of the 22 districts, the maximum number of raids conducted was in Faisalabad with a total of 407 outlets, out of which 66 centers were sealed. 

In addition to that, 35 backstreet clinics were sealed in Sheikhupura, 29 in Kasur, 28 in Sargodha, 23 in Khanewal, 22 in Sialkot, 19 in Attock, 18 in Rawalpindi, and 17 in Lahore. 

A spokesperson added that “the PHC teams have so far visited a total of around 154,000 centers and closed down 43, 300 illegal outlets”. They also found that 35,300 quacks were found to have quit their illegal work. 

Before this, last month, a minor girl aged 2 died after she was allegedly administered a wrong injection by a quack in Jacobabad. Similarly, a young man died after he was allegedly administered a wrong injection in Wazirabad.  

In February, the Sindh Healthcare Commission conducted a widespread inspection to effectively identify and shut down the quackery in the province. The anti-quackery team conducted 1,230  inspections of several healthcare establishments (HCEs). At that time, a total of 442 clinics were sealed  

So, with these groundbreaking steps, this trend of quackery is expected to end in Pakistan in the coming years, to make sure no more lives are wasted.