A New Heart-Brain Link is Found For Anxiety Disorder


by Naba Batool

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According to researchers at Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tusla, there exists an abnormal heart-brain link in women who are suffering from GAD.

GAD, is a disorder that causes excessive and uncontrollable anxiety that affects the person for a longer period of time say at least 6 months.

The sample group of this study consisted of 58 females. Out of these 58 female, 29 were suffering from GAD, and 29 were part of the control group. Control group means that the women are normal and healthy.

They were then injected with a fusion of saline as well as isoproterenol. After that, both the groups underwent MRI scans to assess how differently the brains of GAD affected women was processing information.

Furthermore, they also studied that those patients who have GAD exhibited significantly low neural activity.


Adam Teed who is the lead author of the study said that

Administering isoproterenol allowed us to provide causal evidence that an abnormally sensitive cardiovascular system and an abnormally insensitive frontal cortex in GAD patients lower their ability to regulate bodily arousal. This could help to explain why they experience anxiety so frequently and in a wide variety of contexts.”

The researchers of this study are positive that this will open the venues for several future discussions and will be helpful in the development of subsequent treatments.