Balochistan Suffers Medicine and Injection Shortage Amidst Epidemic


by Hamna Bano

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The Leishmania epidemic in Balochistan which initially spread in one district, has gone out of control. It is affecting different people of different ages in the region. Due to this sudden increase in the number of affected victims, the medicines and injection supplies with local hospitals have fallen short. 


According to the Health Officer of Kalat district Dr. Nasarullah, “more than 600 Leishmania patients have been registered. Since the number of affected individuals is quite high, the quantity of medical supply provided by the government is insufficient. People have appealed to the Health Department and Government in this matter, but have not received any response”. 

He also warned the Government that “if the disease is not controlled timely, it is liable to spread to other regions as well". The rapid spread of the sand fly-borne disease can be associated with last year’s flood situation. 

"After failing to anticipate the situation beforehand after the floods, the government is now on the back foot and is asking for help from international organizations like WHO and UNICEF” he added further.

Locals have told the media that a free camp was set up by the Al-Khidmat Foundation in the port city of Gawadar Balochistan that was just another photo session arranged by the administration. 

It was told that 500 people selected for the ration bags were told to leave the bags and return home after the photo session was over. 

According to the locals, their employment was fully dependent on fishing and was affected by the illegal Chinese trawling mafia earlier. With inflation and the rise of prices in products, it was already very difficult for patients to buy medicines, and the shortage has made it worse for them.