Beware a New Corona Variant may be on the Rise


by Naba Batool

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This lineage carries several other strains such as alpha, beta, and gamma.

The variant which was the prime focus of these groups has surfaced in seven countries across South Africa. The main focus of these researchers is on the fact that these variants may prove to be more fatal because of their increased transmissibility. Furthermore, they are also able to evade the immune system to a certain degree.


It is important to note here that not every mutation leads to increased fatality. Sometimes a virus can also underperform because of a certain mutation. In some cases, the mutations can also nullify the effects altogether.


There have been several detections of this variant since My 2021 to onwards. 

Although it is too soon to even declare this as a potential variant and there is no green abbreviation available for this strain. But the potential of it to get converted into a big issue is still there. At this current moment there are four variants of concern as reported by WHO. These are Alpha or B.1.1.7, Beta or B 1.351, Gamma or P.1 and Delta or B.1.617.2.

According to the latest reports C.1.2 is in not in circulation but the WHO should update people about its rising status, effective immediately.