Beware of Ultra Processed Foods; They are not for Faint-Hearted!


by Naba Batool

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Can lead to the chances of a second heart attack after the person has suffered from the first one. The onset of a second heart attack is regarded as a fatal one and can cost a person their life.

In the making of ultra-processed foods, those substances are commonly used which are not part of your everyday cooking materials. Some of the notable ones are hydrolyzed proteins, maltodextrins, hydrogenated fats. All these materials host additives such as preservatives, dyes, anticaking agents, flavor enhancers, and artificial sweeteners.

According to Sharon Zarabi who is a registered dietitian


"Ultra-processed foods is exactly how it reads: Foods that have been stripped of their nutrients void of any beneficial value. Almost anything we eat that comes in a package is processed." She wasn't involved in the new study.”

Globally known as UPF these processed foods are considered to be the main culprit of all-cause mortality. Dr. Marialaura Bonaccio who is the first author of this study.

“We saw that people with higher consumption of ultra-processed foods have a two-thirds increased risk of a second heart attack or stroke, this time fatal, compared with participants eating these foods less frequently. The probability of dying from any cause is also 40% higher.”

As because the sedentary lifestyle is becoming mainstream now so is the dependence on UPF is elevating to cope up with the appetite urges. It is important and nearly inevitable to realize that the overconsumption of these UPF is what will cost you your health.