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Booster shots at Rs 1,270, says the Government of Pakistan

Author: Naba Batool
Booster shots at rs 1 270  details 11zon
In a notification issued by the Ministry of Health Services, those people who are interested in taking foreign trips, now, can also get booster shots

The payment for that booster shot is set at Rs 1270. You can submit the payments for the booster shots to the National Bank of Pakistan.

A point noteworthy here is that the booster doses are not available at every location. The Government will allow only selective vaccination centers to provide this facility to the people.

The notification also stated that the vaccine is not allowed for everyone and is not provided on medical grounds. On the other hand, these booster shots are solely reserved for traveling requirements.

This facility is mainly for those Pakistani who have to travel abroad and have to comply with the respective needs of that country. With this initiative of the Government, they can now do that.

The reason why these shoots are paid is that the Government does want to facilitate the foreign travelers but they are unable to do so. Not having the required vaccination is one of the prime reasons.