China Donates 100,000 Doses of Hepatitis A Vaccine to Pakistan


by Iqra Zafar

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Islamabad: China recently donated more than 100,00 doses of hepatitis A vaccine to Pakistan meant to improve immunization status against Hepatitis A among children and adults.

These hepatitis A doses are manufactured by China-based pharmaceutical company Sinovac. Hepatitis A doses were handed over to Pakistan during an event held by the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) on Wednesday. Sinovac CEO Gao Qiang gave these vaccination doses to Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel during the event.

Talking about this domination, Mr. Patel thanked Chinese authorities for this donation calling this donation another ‘milestone’ in the Pakistan-China friendship. He also put light on the current healthcare situation in Pakistan concerning the flood consequences. Mr. Patel said, “Large communities in Sindh and Balochistan are living in flood relief camps which are highly vulnerable to disease transmission.


He also said that the chances of hepatitis A emergence are very high in flood-affected areas saying that there is a dire need for assistance to flood affected population of Pakistan. “In this difficult time, we are grateful for the donation of 100,000 doses of Hepatitis-A vaccine by Sinovac for children and adults,” Patel added.

Gao Qiang, CEO of Sinovac said that today is a remarkable day in the continuation of seventy years of unprecedented bilateral friendship between Pakistan and China. He said that the Chinese government considers the flood-affected population of Pakistan as their own hence providing 100,00 doses of hepatitis A vaccine as a gesture of affection and care.

On behalf of the government and the people of China, I am pleased to share that we are proud to be part of this initiative.” He further said, “This is just a little step and a new beginning as our long-term vision is beyond that focusing on a strategic health partnership where in-land production facilities of life-saving vaccines will be fostered in near future in Pakistan.