Cholera Surge in Pakistan - 25000 Cases Reported


by Iqra Zafar

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Lahore: A recent surge in cholera cases is seen as 25000 new cholera cases are reported in Punjab.

According to the Punjab Health Department, more than 511 cholera cases have been reported from all over Punjab. Among these 511 cases, 208 cases were reported only from Lahore. Other than Lahore, 78 cases were reported from Bahawalpur while cholera cases from Khushab and Nankana Sahib remained at 56 and 34 respectively.

The sudden increase in daily temperature is responsible for this increase in cholera cases. According to the Health Department, all the hospitals around the province are fully equipped to deal with the situation. Further, the government has advised the public to take necessary measures such as drinking boiled water and avoiding eating outside.


Before this, the cholera outbreak has spread to different areas of Dera Bugti in Balochistan resulting in 13 deaths including 9 children alongside several thousand cholera cases due to the unavailability of clean drinking water in the region. Sarfraz Bugti, Senator of Balochistan Awami Party has urged the government to declare an emergency in the region and instructed authorities to lend aid to deal with the situation.

To curb the cholera outbreak in the region, PM Shahbaz Sharif has ordered emergency measures. Efforts from both authorities and the public end are required for the effective management of cholera outbreaks in the region.