Cousin Marriage Results in Hearing Impairment in NewBorn Babies Reports


by Seemab

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Researchers at the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) said that 2-3% of newborn babies have hearing impairment due to cousin marriage.

Researchers also explain that such newborn babies are also at risk of lack of mental growth. The right time to implant a hearing device is the age of 2 or 3.

This age period is defined because the child learns speaking at the age of 3 to 4 years. The right time to install the device is the age of two to three, or it will be of no use, and the child will lose the capability to hear the words, according to experts of the Department Of Head And Neck Surgery, Dow University Of Health Sciences.

The Pro Vice-chancellor also stated that these issues can be resolved with the help of cochlear implants. But it is a high-priced treatment, and many people cannot make it due to financial problems.

The results of cochlear implants were very effective, stated by Prof Iqbal Khayani.

There are strict criteria to determine the right candidate to perform the cochlear implant surgery.

It’s been twelve to fifteen years, the program was introduced in Pakistan by a UK-based charity organization. An audiologist and a speech therapist were introduced in the first phase of the program. The specialists were certified from London. Many children did not make it to get the treatment due to financial problems.

Edhi Foundation has been providing its services to save humanity for years. This organization also helps other organizations, like Dow University.

Cousin marriage increases the risk of birth defects, reportedly. Several abnormalities have been reported in newborn babies.