COVID-19 Cases on a Rise in China Once Again After Weeks of Protests


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest reports, China is dealing with another record high of COVID-19 infections because of aggressive protests in the country over restrictive coronavirus curbs. This is becoming a major issue in China since President Xi Jinping resumed his power a decade ago.

This situation is quickly taking a turn for worse as the officials and authorities engaged in a clash in Shanghai with the protest resulting in almost a bunch of protestors ending up in custody.

This overall situation is also affecting the economical situation of China as the protestors are raising their voices and worries regarding the managerial decisions surrounding China’s Zero COVID Policy. The zero-tolerance policy is causing negative impacts on the economic situation of the country as well.

The situation is getting worse day by day resulting in a massive increase in COVID-19 numbers and positive cases in the country. The protestors are gathering in the cities such as Wuhan and Lanzhou overturning the COVID-19 testing laboratories and facilities. Students are gathered on their campuses and these aggressive actions lead to a deadly apartment fire that causes 10 fatalities.


The current number of cases in China is around 40,053 and this is the fifth day that the numbers are multiplying aggressively. Some of the mainstream cities are easily the target of this aggressive increase in COVID-19-positive cases. This situation is especially becoming difficult to control with the ongoing protests in the country.

Health experts comment that China needs to revise, revamp and ramp up its vaccination strategies if the country is looking to reopen its doors for international meetups and tours.