COVID Vaccine Might Affect Menstrual Health- Experts Warn


by Iqra Zafar

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A recent study found that some COVID vaccines can result in heavy menstrual bleeding. The health experts from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended adding this as one of the potential side effects of COVID vaccines. 

Some vaccines may result in heavy bleeding causing variation in normal cycles. A recent statement issued by the agency stated, "Cases of heavy menstrual bleeding have been reported after the first, second, and booster doses of Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna)".

The data review revealed that "there is at least a reasonable possibility that the occurrence of heavy menstrual bleeding is causally associated with these vaccines". Based on this information, it was recommended that these effects should be part of the product information of two mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.

However, the impact of these menstrual disorders on reproductive potential and fertility is yet to be determined. EMA also said, "There is no evidence to suggest the menstrual disorders experienced by some people have any impact on reproduction and fertility,".


Women who experienced heavy menstrual bleeding have been monitored at several levels after the initial reports of heavy menstrual bleeding came from the vaccinated women. Alongside this, many other issues were also reported by the women.

According to them, there was a change in the intensity and duration of menstrual bleeding as well as their periods being more painful. Talking about this the committee also revealed that the benefits of these vaccines are much greater than this risk. The report also said that these symptoms were not so serious, remained transitory and most women experienced these for up to 6 months.

Further, research is required in this regard to establish a link between specific COVID vaccines and their impact on menstrual health in females.