Cupping Technique linked To Efficient Vaccine Delivery in A Timeless Fusion


by Naba Batool

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scientists have successfully taken the help of the cupping technique. Rats were injected with novel coronavirus strains which quickly transcends in the body. then they tracked the injected virus with the help of plastic cups so that the DNA can be absorbed. This led to an efficient immune system trigger mechanism that is 100 times more effective than the works of an injection alone.


These results are highly encouraging and thus have led to the incorporation of cupping in the DNA vaccine trials. Furthermore, DNA vaccines do not require the constant need to refrigerate them and thus it is far easier to transfer them to poor countries which lack the proper arrangements in such regard.

Senior study author Prof. Hoa Lin said that

“Development of enhanced delivery technologies plays an instrumental role in bringing nucleic acid-based biologics to broad use and clinical relevance, and worldwide vaccine distribution is just one example.”

He also went on to say that:

“Because of the inherent advantages of DNA, not least of which is avoiding cold-chain requirements of other vaccines, this technology facilitates vaccination programs into remote regions of the world where resources are limited.”

This also solidifies that scientific knowledge should drive inspiration from all possible sources even if they have to knock at ancient doors.