Dementia Treatment: Anti Inflammatory Diet Might Prove To Be the Right Answer


by Naba Batool

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Dementia is a disease that globally affects 55 million people. Those who consume inflammatory foods are at a greater risk of developing this disease than those who don’t.


Alongside other risk factors that increase the chances of cognitive impairment such as age, gender, and awareness the consumption of inflammatory food products is equally responsible.

In a statement, Nikolaos Scarmeas of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens said that

“Diet is a lifestyle factor you can modify, and it might play a role in combating inflammation, 1 of the biological pathways contributing to risk for dementia and cognitive impairment later in life,”

The research material consisted of a questionnaire that was designed so that the inflammatory potential out of one’s diet can be calculated.

The questionnaire was divided to get a general idea of the dietary habits of people regarding major food groups such as alcohol, cereals, dairy, fish, and fruits. The study had an observational level and thus was done to assess the underlying link between cognitive impairment and dietary choices.

He further went on to say that “Our results are getting us closer to characterizing and measuring the inflammatory potential of people’s diets. That, in turn, could help inform more tailored and precise dietary recommendations and other strategies to maintain cognitive health.”