Dengue Emergency Declared in Rawalpindi as Outbreak Looms


by Seemab Chaudhary

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Health authorities in Rawalpindi have declared a dengue emergency. The reason behind the emergency is the increasing numbers of dengue patients in four districts of the Rawalpindi Division, including Jhelum, Chakwal, Attock, etc.

The decision was taken due to the heavy rainfall of more than 950 millimeters from June 16 to Aug 2. It led to more dengue larvae and mosquitoes than in recent times in Rawalpindi.

The commissioner stated that “there are more chances of a virus outbreak in the area”.

Till now, the affected number of dengue patients is 29. There were only three cases reported in recent years, but the number of dengue patients is increasing, which raised the concern of local authorities as well as the Government.


Experts also believe that the number of dengue patients may increase in the coming days if we do not get control of the situation.

Under this emergency, a set up of special anti-dengue wards and 240 beds have been allotted for dengue patients. 100 beds are allotted at Holy Family Hospital, while other 100 beds are allocated at Benazir Bhutto General Hospital. A specific number of paramedical staff under specialized doctors are deployed to anti-dengue wards.

This step was taken as the number of dengue patients jumped to 8. Deputy Commissioner also stated, “a strict action will be taken if the anti-dengue member or team remained absent without permission”.

He also said that health authorities should be involved in training people in areas that are at risk. There are areas like cantonment and borders in Rawalpindi and Islamabad that are being ignored, and most dengue patients are admitted to hospitals from these areas.

Training about how to keep their houses clean can reduce the risk of dengue, said the Deputy Commissioner. He also ordered a check on the water tanks, under-construction buildings, and junkyards to prevent the dengue larvae.