Dengue Resurgence 34 Lifeless as Pakistan Continues To Fight Back


by Naba Batool

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With 34 reported deaths over the past twelve months, dengue is back in the subcontinent.

According to the latest reports till October 13, Punjab is the highly affected region with 5,382 cases under its built. The number of fatalities due to this mosquito-borne disease in Punjab is 12. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has reported 3,300 dengue cases and four fatalities so far. In the Sindh province, 2,530 dengue infections have claimed 12 lives. With no reported deaths but 906 infected cases, Azad Jammu and Kashmir also feel the deadly sting.



It is pertinent to note here that in Punjab, 74% of the cases have been reported in the city of Lahore. Director General Health Dr. Muhammad Safdar has warned that the situation can take a turn for worse in the upcoming days. He said that:

"The last outbreak was seen in 2019, largely in north Punjab and KP. 2020 was silent and we have this surge again. Typically, in endemic countries, you expect large dengue outbreaks with a 3-year cycle. Hence, 2022 is likely to be severe,"

The best possible prevention in these drastic times is to avoid the accumulation of water inside or outside the house. The numbers of infected people have witnessed a sharp rise in the past few months and this is mainly because of the monsoon season in the country.

Even though the history of dengue infection goes back to 1994, the situation this time is quite worrisome. That is why it is advised that the general public should keep themselves align with the latest updates and should take notes on the best possible preventive strategies. This is how we can fight off this mosquito-borne disease together.