Dengue Roundup 2021: Pakistan Reported 52,000 Cases


by Naba Batool

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According to the Ministry of National Health, the previous year culminated in a total of 52,894 cases till the end of December.


Dr. Rana Safder who is the Director-General of the Ministry of National Health Service the virus accounted for 224 fatalities in the year 2021. The situation when contrasted with 2019 is quite drastic as in 2019 the virus caused 95 death while the reported cases were 53,498. The year 2020 had a healthy streak as the number of registered cases was 6,016 while no death was reported.

Punjab took the lead with 26,261 cases while KPK came second as 10,617 cases were registered. Pakistan first experienced the dengue outbreak in 1994 and is still struggling to cope with this virus and its fatal attacks.

The symptoms of dengue encompass severe pain behind the eyes, headache, maculopapular rash, and high-grade fever. Even though the government has been taking s=radical steps for the eradication but the need for proper education is still apparent.