Drug Shortage Reported Amid Sixth Wave of COVID-19 in Pakistan


by Hamna Bano

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Islamabad: With the Government bringing back the import duties on various medical items used for COVID-19, the country is facing a drug shortage. According to a media report on Saturday, this news broke and left the citizens worried.

For the past few weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing which is a big sign for the country that its battle with it is not yet over. The government on the other hand has brought back import duty that was previously waived off by the PTI government. It was observed mostly in the case of equipment like gloves, masks, and nebulizers.

This shortage of drugs has been reported by the President of the Wholesale Chemists Association Muhammad Atif. He particularly mentioned Panadol, the drug warning that it is about to disappear from the local markets amid the sixth wave.

In other news, there has already been a report that said a total of 50 life-saving drugs in Pakistan will be facing a shortage.


"A packet of Panadol consisting of 100 tablets is being sold in Karachi's black markets for Rs 425 at the moment. Similarly, Panadol CF, an anti-allergy medicine is also becoming hard to find”, said Muhammad Atif.

“Other than that, common cough syrups, drugs used in tuberculosis treatment, as well as vitamin C supplements that are prescribed to patients recovering from Covid-19, are also disappearing from the market owing to the heavy taxes imposed on them”, he added.

The Drug Association President Peshawar Arshad Momand also highlighted the shortage of drugs in his region. The supply-demand difference in COVID-19 medicines has caused a stock-piling situation. “A good number of pharmacies have allegedly started to stock up on drugs and raise market prices, adding to the existing crises”, said Arshad.

Similar reports are also coming from Lahore where the production of local pharmaceutical companies has been affected by the gaps in the raw material supply.

The burden ultimately has fallen over the people of Pakistan who are struggling to save lives amid this shortage.