Fever Pill Shortage in Surge of Corona: Health Secretary Under Radar


by Hamna Bano

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Chief  Minister Usman Buzdar has taken into account the shortage of fever medicine and summoned a report from the health secretary. 


Reports say that the CM has commanded contact with the manufacturing company to increase the production as soon as possible. It has been expected from the health department to take all the practical steps to guarantee the accessibility of the short medicine at all the medical stores and pharmacies. 


A strong backlash has been seen coming from the opposing parties on the shortage of medicine used for handling covid. Opposition leaders Maryam Aurangzeb and Hamza Shehbaz gave separate statements and said that the sudden disappearance of the pills during the 5th wave of coronavirus is very disgraceful.  


Hamza Shehbaz showed his concern on the disappearance and using harsh words conveyed his message that “the ‘incompetent’ government could not ensure smooth supply of a common medicine used to cure fever and the medicine was being sold in the black market.” 


With that, the PCR Test rates have been increasing tremendously. Despite the Punjab Healthcare Commission ordering the Private Labs to charge a fixed amount, there is zero implementation seen. The rates have not been reduced.  A warning was issued to the private laboratories in case of violence. 


It seems that the warnings have shown no results and had not affected the private labs. Recent reports have revealed that a renowned laboratory has been charging Rs. 6500 instead of the fixed rate of Rs. 4800.