First Ever “Water Ambulance” Service Launched in Karachi!


by Omama Anwar

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For the residents of the islands of Karachi, the water ambulance has been launched to address the long-standing healthcare challenge faced by the inhabitants of Baba, Bhit, and Shams Pir islands off the coast of Karachi. 

This transformative project is a collaborative effort between NGOs, government authorities, and local communities. 


The absence of a hospital on these islands has been a persistent concern for the residents, particularly pregnant women needing urgent medical attention. However, with the water ambulance service, much-needed relief has been brought to the community. It will significantly enhance access to and availability of healthcare services. 

A spokesperson from one of the NGOs involved in the project expressed deep concern over the dire circumstances faced by the inhabitants of these islands. He said: “Pregnant women had to endure risky journeys to reach mainland hospitals during emergencies.

This initiative will eradicate such hardships and ensure everyone receives the proper medical care,” he added. 

The water ambulance will operate round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, and people can reach it through mobile phones. The ambulance will have trained medical personnel and include the necessary medical facilities. 

Beyond being a means of transportation, the water ambulance also provides bed facilities to patients. 

With this remarkable advancement, Baba, Bhit, and Shams Pir residents can now access essential medical care, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the NGOs, government authorities, and residents involved in this transformative project.