First Human-to-Dog Monkeypox transmission reports in France


by Saeed Iqbal

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The first case of the monkeypox virus from humans to a dog is reported in Paris. According to a report, these two men were reported positive for monkeypox at a local hospital in June. After twelve days of diagnosis, their symptoms began to appear and their Italian greyhound also showed symptoms.


The dog experienced lesions in some parts of the body and it tested positive for the same type of monkeypox as its owners. One of the owners said that they were not protective as they had not any idea that this virus can spread from humans to dogs easily.

He further said that they let their dog sleep with them in bed and they also kept their dog away from other animals and humans when they were diagnosed with monkeypox but they didn’t maintain a distance from his dog and that is the core reason for human-to-dog monkeypox transmission.

Additionally, the report says that the doctors came to hypothesize from the PCR results of the anus and oral swab of the dog that it is a canine disease and not a carriage of the virus. Furthermore, the doctors also concluded that there is a need to conduct studies on whether pets need to be strictly isolated from their owners if they tested positive.

The report further concludes that precautionary measures are a must to isolate the pets until the scientists reach a final conclusion. Till now, the researchers are also unable to say whether dogs can transmit monkeypox to humans or not.

Monkeypox is increasing among men who have physical relations with men in many countries and it is roaring anxiety among these people. In this regard, WHO is advising that people need to minimize their physical relations with others because almost 99% of cases are found in men who had made a relationship in recent times.