Flood Relief Camps Currently Hosting 47,000 Pregnant Women - Sindh


by Naba Batool

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According to the latest reports Pakistan is in dire need of medical supplies amid disastrous floods that have been hitting the northern areas at a vigorous pace. Dr Azra Pechucho who is the Sindh Health Minister there are currently 47,000 expecting women in the relief camps in different areas of the Sindh Province.


While giving a media briefing on the situation she said that “More than 134,000 cases of diarrhea and 44,000 cases of malaria have been reported in the province,”

These areas are also on the verge of getting heavily infected with waterborne diseases.

Pakistan is currently facing the deadliest flood of all time. With 500% above average monsoon rains, people in flood-hit areas are currently on the verge of getting affected with serious outbreaks such as diarrhea, dengue and other sorts of skin diseases. This situation is now becoming a head-scratcher for Pakistan.

Women and children who have lost their homes and farmlands are also at a high risk of psychological distress which can account for added issues and serious health complications in these areas.

According to the official health medical stats, all the water-borne diseases are now causing fatalities and the disastrous water is also leading to malaria outbreaks.

The United Nations Population Fund is also putting special emphasis on providing immediate health facilities to almost 0.5 m pregnant women in these flood-affected areas.

Up to 73,000 women expected to deliver next month will need skilled birth attendants, newborn care, and support,” said the concerned agency.