Global Hunger Index Ranks Pakistan 92nd out of 116 Countries - Reports


by Hamna Bano

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While the world is moving further away from reaching the goal of ending hunger, the Global Hunger Index showed improvement as Pakistan is ranked at the 92nd position.

Global Health Index (GHI) is a report published by Concern Worldwide of Ireland and Welthhungerhlife (WHH) that tracks hunger every year since 2007.

On Tuesday, an event organized at a local hotel was attended by the Nutrition section of the SUN (Scaling up Nutrition) Secretariatecritiate of the planning ministry. Pakistan has shown great improvement as it ranks in the 92nd position out of 116 countries.

The data collection for the report has done by two major sources. These are the Nutrition-related surveys and the Demographic and Health Surveys in the country held out by the Government. The overall data has however revealed a rise in the number of poor people.

This year, a total of 116 countries were surveyed. Developed countries were not made part of the survey and it only consisted of under-developed or developing countries. The report said, “the country considered to have a reduced ratio of hunger is close to zero, and ones close to 100 are considered to have a higher hunger ratio.”

Pakistan with a score of 24.7 is ranked 92 and India, on the other hand, stands at 101. Other countries in the same region have shown better ranking compared to Pakistan. Nepal and Bangladesh have been ranked 76 and Sri Lanka on 65.


The data from the United Nations reports say that “Pakistan shows that the situation regarding hunger was improving since 2000 as the ratio was 36.7 in the year 2000, at 33.1 in the year 2006, at 32.1 in the year 2012 and in the year 2021, the points further dropped to 24.7.”