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Highest COVID Death Count Reported in Pakistan in Four Months

Author: Naba Batool
Highest covid death count reported in pakistan in four months
NCOC reports that Pakistan is currently suffering from the highest death count in the past four months due to COVID-19 infections.

According to the national database, Pakistan has recorded its highest death count in the span of the last four months. With these latest numbers, the death toll stands at 29,601.

Pakistan documented such eye-opening statistics in the month of October. Sindh and Punjab have recorded the highest numbers of deaths in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, there has been a surge in the country’s positivity rate as well. The positivity rate now stands at 8.2%

According to NCOC statistics, out of 51,749 diagnostic tests, 4,253 came out positive. With this confirmed infection, the total number of active cases now stands at 86,262.


The new infections have pushed the total case count of Pakistan to 1,470,161. The past 24 hours have also witnessed steady recoveries. With 5,109 recoveries, the recovery count stands at 1,354,298.

Despite all this, Pakistan has also achieved a milestone with new covid-19 administered vaccinations. Asad Umar who is the NCOC chief said that Pakistan has been setting the highest covid-19 vaccination record for three consecutive days. He said thatTarget is to reach all citizens to allow us to finally end all COVID-19 related restrictions.

The administration is very keen on designing vaccination programs for the general public so that this disease spread can be controlled to some extent.