Hypertension Drugs can be Used for the Treatment of Covid-19-induced ARDS


by Naba Batool

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ARDS is a serious condition that can give rise to fatal conditions such as lung damage and difficulty in breathing. Health experts are associating this medical condition with severe Covid-19.

According to the latest stats, about 14-33% of individual with SARS-CoV-2 infection tends to develop severe illness. About two-thirds of the infected masses will develop ARDS.

ARDS is a condition in which fluid from the leaking blood vessels gathers in the alveoli. This in turn affects the lungs and their ability to supply oxygen to the body. The patients who suffer from ARDS are then in need of immediate care and attention. ARDS is hands down one of the major reasons for the increase in fatality rate due to coronavirus. Furthermore, there is a need for effective treatment for those patients who suffer from covid-19 induced ARDS.


Recent studies have also shown that beta-blockers can be used for curbing immune responses. Most of the time doctors use and prescribe beta-blockers for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. These drugs can be used for the treatment of lung infections because they can reduce inflammation and can thus prove to be helpful to deal with the issues of fluid accumulation in the lungs.

One such drug is Metoprolol. It is a cheap heart drug that can be used for the treatment of severe cases of Covid-19.


CNIC general director and director of Mount Sinai Heart, told MNT: “We have very little therapy that is of significance at this late stage of the disease. The significance of this study is that, if this is correct, now have a new approach with a very cheap drug, that is very affordable.”