Indus Hospital to Establish a Full-Fledge Facility in Hyderabad


by Hamna Bano

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The president of Indus Hospital and Health Network Dr. Abdul Bari Khan has announced that Indus Hospital plans to build a hospital in Hyderabad. 


It has been said that this new facility will be similar to the one in Karachi. Dr. Bari pointed out that Indus Group has provided the best services for the past 13 years. It has done it all through the 13 Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan hospitals.   

All of the hospitals are managed with provincial governments' assistance and by the network under the mode of public-private partnership. 

He added that “I got many opportunities to render my services outside the country, but I preferred to establish the Indus Hospital in the country. In 2007, the hospital began its journey with the goal of providing high-quality healthcare to all without discrimination and the network has managed to spread out across the country.”

Indus hospital since its commencement has established four regional blood centers in Multan, Karachi Jamshoro, and Bahawalpur, and four physical rehabilitation centers in Lahore, Karachi, Badin, and Muzaffarabad. It also has also managed to develop the largest pediatric oncology services unit,  and a network of primary care centers across the country. 

More than 10,500 surgical procedures have been performed free of charge under the banner of Indus Hospital. Dr. Abdul Bari said that “the Pakistani nation is inferior to no other nation when it comes to emerging from crises and standing back on its feet. This nation is one of the most charitable nations in the world; that’s why welfare foundations and trusts in Pakistan are rendering great services with the aid of people.”

In his welcome address, the President of the Hyderabad Chamber of Small Trade and Small Industry Muhammad Farooq Shaikhan mentioned that the state of the country’s healthcare is very poor. In such scenarios the role of renowned welfare trusts is commendable. 

Steps like these help in anticipating a healthcare system in Pakistan that is only striving toward growth.